“I did not vote, I did not know the candidates Gualtieri and Michetti” – Il Tempo

“I did not vote, I did not know the candidates Gualtieri and Michetti” – Il Tempo
“I did not vote, I did not know the candidates Gualtieri and Michetti” – Il Tempo

Paolo Bonolis he reads politics with the same disenchanted and cynical realism eyes with which he reads society: “I did not go to vote. The country belongs both to Giorgia Meloni and to the Democratic Party. I wonder why I pay Ama“. Guest of Bianca Berlinguer a “Cartabianca”, Tuesday 19 October, the presenter revealed: “Who did I vote for between Gualtieri and Rome? the I didn’t go to vote because I don’t know them, I don’t know who they are, I don’t understand the programs. Previously I always voted for Walter Veltroni. The center left won because the center right did something wrong: the candidates, the excessive shouting at someone. However it must be said that we took a step ahead of the lady … the problems of Rome were too big for Mrs. Raggi. I don’t know Gualtieri, if he does well, I will vote for him in the second term. I can no longer distinguish this molasses, these roles in comedy, I do not distinguish the oil from the bran and I am confused as I am not a technician “.

He also uses a red light metaphor: “I see a great indistinguishable orgy, even if there it is better to distinguish … I do not perceive where the truth is. Talking to the stomach and not to the head has turned everything into a big fight, in a normal democracy there should be collaboration between whoever wins and who loses in compliance with the principle of alternation, I don’t see it. The citizen has become the end and not the means and I don’t like this ”.

Sui grazing wild boars on the streets of the capital, Paolo Bonolis uses the weapon of sarcasm: “I haven’t met wild boars, it didn’t happen to me, but if they want to stay, let’s keep them… what’s the problem! I met the seagulls, those are almost our fellow citizens. But I have no reservations about wild boars…. You know the problem is that wild boars eat what we eat and you don’t understand why the garbage is still there. My mother also says: because I pay l’But? E’ like when you go to a restaurant and they bring you the bill, you are happy to pay, but then you ask: when you eat?”.

Berlinguer tries to make him unbalanced and asks the tenant to “Hi Darwin“What he will do in the political elections, but the answer is an unassailable balance:” Where I understood the differences and the program I would go to vote, I believe that if one wins, the other should collaborate, instead it tends to put the work of those who won in difficulty and this puts us in a perennial stalemate. The opposition does nothing but ride the renunciation, we remain in a stagnant situation where one is the alibi of the other and I no longer trust this. We tend only to put the other in difficulty. I would like there to be collaboration, the country belongs as much to Meloni as to PD ”.

Bonolis is vaccinated and has a green pass because “I chose to trust the institutions”, but it is for the freedom to demonstrate even though it does not understand the deep anger of the people in the square. He defines the assault on the CGIL as “crazy stuff” and throws a dig at those who inquire about Wikipedia and Facebook: “Sometimes I fear there is an excess of information on platforms that leads to an arrogance of knowledge, disordered attitudes children of a nourishment of bizarre information “.

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