Ambra moves, here are the unpublished details of the separation from Allegri

20 October 2021 09:55

After finding evidence of the coach’s betrayal, Angiolini is looking for a new home to start over

For Max, Ambra had moved to Milan from Brescia. A move full of love, with the actress busy building a perfect nest to share with her man. But now everything has to be redone: she is looking for a new accommodation, as documented by the weekly “Chi”, where she can start over as single. A forced choice in a certain sense: it seems that the Juventus coach has given her the opportunity to stay in their home, but by paying the rent. She preferred to leave, and do it as soon as possible.

It seems to have been his betrayals that led to the end of the history of Angiolini and Allegri. According to “Chi”, she would have found the clues in the coach of the coach, discovering an infidelity that took place several times in Turin. He didn’t think twice about ending the relationship, even though he had invested his whole soul in it. For love he had left Brescia, where he had lived for many years, to move to Milan and start a life again with his partner. She had worked hard to overcome the crises they had had to face over the years, mending every tear. This time, however, he did not hold up and, with a broken heart, he said enough. He has severed all relations with Max and it seems that essential communications between them are through a mutual friend. The next step is to find a new home, and then he can really start from scratch.

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Ambra moves unpublished details separation Allegri

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