Draghi: “In Italy vaccination is faster than in the EU. Thanks to those who have recently done so. Bills? From the government other interventions against price increases “

Draghi: “In Italy vaccination is faster than in the EU. Thanks to those who have recently done so. Bills? From the government other interventions against price increases “
Draghi: “In Italy vaccination is faster than in the EU. Thanks to those who have recently done so. Bills? From the government other interventions against price increases “

President Mario Draghi reports in the Chamber to the Senate in view of the European Council. And he speaks, among many things, also of vaccines: “I want to thank all citizens who have chosen to get vaccinated, especially the young and very young, and those who have decided to do so in recent weeks after overcoming their hesitations. The epidemiological curve is under control thanks to the citizens’ sense of responsibility. This allows us to keep schools, businesses and places where we socialize open ”.

VACCINES – Madama Palace unanimously applauds when the premier recalls “the commitment of doctors and nurses” in the fight against Covid. “The European Council will reaffirm its commitment to contribute to international solidarity on vaccines. We must increase the supply of doses to the most fragile countries, so that they can protect their citizens and to prevent the emergence and spread of new and dangerous variants. Only the 2.8% of those living in a low-income country received at least one vaccine dose, compared to almost the 50% of the world population“, He continued. And he took stock: “I want to remind you that before the last European Council, at the end of June, less than a third of the audience had completed the vaccination cycle. In the last four months, Italy has therefore vaccinated half of the population over 12 years old. An extraordinary effort, for which we must be grateful to our health system, starting with doctors and nurses, and to the enormous logistical work carried out since the beginning of this government ”. During the next Council, he specified: “We will also discuss the European approach to address and overcome any future pandemics. we must invest in science and research, which have allowed us to have effective and safe vaccines in just a few months ”and underlined the need to avoid a repetition of the dangerous episodes of health protectionism that we witnessed in the first months of the pandemic. We will continue to work to improve the global response to future health crises also in all appropriate multilateral fora ”.

ECOLOGICAL TRANSACTION – “To make this transition ecological and digital there are no alternatives tostate intervention“, Commented the Prime Minister. “The state can only be committed otherwise these two transitions will not happen.” In the medium term, Italy’s goal remains “To reduce dependence on fossil fuels and substantially increase the use of renewable sources. We want to proceed with the environmental transition and meet the decarbonisation goals we have set for 2030 and 2050. At the same time, the state must protect the weakest sections of the population from the costs of energy transformation and ensure that the transition times are compatible with the adaptability of companies “. The reconversion of the economic system must obtain the support of all: “Institutions, businesses, citizens. We must pursue an ambitious climate agenda and make sure that our choices are widely accepted and shared by the population ”and the transaction itself“ does not involve a reduction in jobs but an increase ”.

BILLS – “The Government is committed to contain the rise in bills. Last June we had already allocated 1.2 billion to reduce system burdens. A few weeks ago, we intervened further, with more than 3 billion, to calm prices in the last quarter of the year, especially for the weakest segments of the population, ”the premier said in the Senate. “In recent months we have seen a sharp rise in the cost of gas and electricity. These increases are mainly due to price movements on international markets. The demand for energy by households and businesses has increased at the European level and on the Asian markets, and has contributed to reducing stocks and available supplies ”.

MIGRANTS – “It is essential that, already in this Council, the Commission presents clear action plans, adequately financed, and addressed with equal priority to all the routes of the Mediterranean, including the southern one. “These plans will then be quickly implemented. The European Union must also pay attention to the specificity of the maritime borders and the effective political stability of Libya and Tunisia ”, added Draghi. “I intend to propose that the European Commission update i state leaders and of Government in each European Council on the degree of implementation and advancement of the commitments undertaken ”, he continued. “Only in this way will we be able to account to our Parliaments and above all to our citizens for the progress made at European level, and for what still remains to be done”.

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