Inter-Sheriff Tiraspol 3-1, the report cards: finally Arturo Vidal. And Dzeko is also a defender

Final result: Inter-Sheriff Tiraspol 3-1

INTER (edited by Simone Bernabei)

Handanovic 6 – An evening that was too quiet for the Nerazzurri captain. At least until the 52nd minute, when Thill makes him turn to collect the ball from the back of the net. He launches, touches but does not reach the Luxembourg player’s shot

Skriniar 6.5 – With physique and sense of position. On his side plays captain Castaneda, theoretically the most dangerous of his. In the end, the Colombian hardly ever touches the ball

The Free 7 – Overall quiet game in defense, a condition that also leads to some jump in concentration. Then the network, very important, which puts the result on ice

Dimarco 6,5 – Push match, as Inzaghi asks him. And on set pieces, not just free kicks, it is always very dangerous. The only “stain” is the foul from which the Sheriff’s network is born. from 54 ‘Sticks 6 – Enter for the yellow card teammate. It helps to maintain a defensive solidity that is already quite evident even without him

Dumfries 6 – Inzaghi chooses it to give thrust and breadth. He practically plays as a winger, constantly stationing on the opponent’s trocar. Start badly, missing 2-3 seemingly simple scoring. When the Sheriff drops, he increases the laps and serves De Vrij with an assist

Stretcher 6.5 – In the first half he is the usual great protagonist of Inter, always running and playing the right way and timing. In the second half he loses a bit of protagonism with some inaccuracies, but his remains an excellent proof

Brozovic 6.5 – The Moldovan midfield is dynamic but technically inferior. Brozo moves with ease and intelligence in the middle of the yellow shirts, even without flashes and peaks. Despite the fatigue Inzaghi does not give up and the reasons are understood. From 85 ‘Sensi sv

Vidal 7,5 – The scoreboard at the end of the match tells of an assist (for Dzeko) and the goals that brings Inter back forward. Inside the game there are also many other interesting and auspicious things. The audience greets her with a strong applause. From 75 ‘Gagliardini sv

Perisic 7 – Present, always in the game, helps in defense and produces in attack. It grows at a distance, unleashing an excellent second half that gives Inter constant depth and danger up there where it is needed. Dall’85 ‘Kolarov All

Lautaro 6 – Probably the struggles with Argentina have not yet been completely disposed of. He is there, he is present, he tries to play as he knows, but precision and brilliance are not at their best

Dzeko 7,5 – Inter’s first goal in the Champions League is his. Play the usual ultra generous game, also playing the defender and the midfielder as well as the point of reference. Another great performance to put on the bulletin board, greeted by the standig ovation at the exit from the field. Dal 75′ Sanchez sv

Simone Inzaghi 7 – He proposes an offensive Inter Milan and makes no mistake. You need to win and his people satisfy him, creating a tide of scoring. The attitude after the equal of the Sheriff was also positive, with the immediate new advantage

SHERIFF TIRASPOL (edited by Paolo Lora Lamia)

Celeadnic 6,5 – The Moldovan goalkeeper is the best of his, for several interventions made during the match with which he keeps the Sheriff afloat.

Costanza 5 – Difficult evening for the right-back, who has to face the constant push on his side by Perisic and Dimarco and who aims a little forward.

Arboleda 6 – He starts with a good attitude in the comparison with the Nerazzurri forwards, however suffering in some circumstances against the growing pressure from Inter.

Dulanto 6 – He does a few can against Dzeko and his teammates, showing overall a good defensive resistance.

Cristiano 5,5 – In a game spent mostly containing Dumfries, just before the break he made himself dangerous by engaging Handanovic.

Thill 6,5 – In difficulty against Inter rivals in the nerve center of the pitch. He has the merit of signing the momentary 1-1 with a masterful punishment.

Addo 6 – It is of great help to the defense in containing the continuous offensive actions of Inter, but not being as effective in the construction phase. (From 75 ‘ Nikolov All)

Kolovos 5.5 – Try to connect midfield and attack, lighting up in flashes on the trocar and going once to the conclusion. (From 84 ‘ Cojocaru sv)

Traore 5.5 – A couple of forays into the area and little else in the offensive phase part of the attacking winger, which, however, is often called into question in the phase of non-possession. (From 90 ‘ Cojocari sv)

Bruno Souza 5.5 – Sacrifice race for the Sheriff’s center forward, more present in the containment phase than in the last meters to prove the conclusion.

Castañeda 5 – Among the most in the shadows in the training coached by Vernydub, little is seen in both phases. (From 46 ‘ Radeljic 6 – In the second half he helps in the defensive phase, with some good closing)

Yuri Vernydub 6 – Set up a defense and restart game, holding for most of the first half and capitulating in the second half after the momentary 1-1.

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