Bonuses, shock absorbers, bills, here is the maneuver – Economy

Bonuses, shock absorbers, bills, here is the maneuver – Economy
Bonuses, shock absorbers, bills, here is the maneuver – Economy

From the cut in taxes on labor, which will bring more money into the pockets of Italians, to interventions to stem the expensive bills. From the measures to avoid the return to the Fornero law on pensions, to the reconfirmation of bonuses for renovating the house. The 2022 maneuver does not yet have a definitive form but the substance is there even if, to see all the details, we will have to wait for its launch in the Council of Ministers in a few days.

For now, the CDM has finalized the Draft Budgetary Document (Dpb) to be sent to Brussels, which contains the backbone of the next 23 billion budget law.

Here are the main elements.

TAXES. The intervention to reduce the tax wedge is the one that collects a transversal consensus, and on which practically all parties are pushing. For this reason, the eight billion that Minister Daniele Franco would have put on the table are considered few, especially by Forza Italia and Italia Viva who would like at least ten. The goal will still be to favor the middle class, especially those who fall into the third income tax bracket.

BONUS. Superbonus, 65% ecobonus and 50% discounts for the purchase of green furniture and appliances will be renewed. However, the Superbonus, a very popular measure, should only apply to condominiums. The bonus for the renovation of the facades disappears for now. It will be the work on the maneuver to define all the details. Instead, the TV and decoder bonuses have been refinanced: up to 100 euros for scrapping the old TV, without Isee limits, and 30 euros for decoders but for those with an Isee under 20 thousand.

BILLS. Action is more urgent than ever, given that energy prices will not fall for the moment, indeed, the fluctuations could lead to further increases at least until the end of winter. There will therefore be an allocation of one billion to cut energy bills, and the resources should flow into a special fund that will be created with the maneuver.

PENSIONS. A very sensitive point for the League, which wants to mitigate the impact of the end of 100 meters and avoid an abrupt return to Fornero. The maneuver could therefore be introduced in 2022 ‘Quota 102’, i.e. a mechanism that would allow retirement with 64 years of age and 38 contributions (just under 50 thousand people would be included), and in 2023 ‘Quota 104’. This would make it possible to soften the Fornero staircase, which would force us to wait for 67 years to say goodbye to work.

BASIC INCOME. The flag measure of the 5 Star Movement will be reconfirmed, but will go through a revision. There will in all likelihood be a strengthening of preventive controls and procedures for obtaining it, and a mechanism that encourages people to return to the labor market. In the case of refusal of an offer, in fact, the check will be deducted with a system similar to that of Naspi. As for the funds, with the Budget law an additional financing of about 1 billion should arrive for 2022. In total, between the allocation already foreseen when fully operational and new funds, there should be about 8.8 billion available, the same amount this year, when the funds were increased several times to cope with the greater draw of the measure due to the pandemic.

SHOCK ABSORBERS. The reform of aid for those who lose their jobs is still being defined, but we are working to give them a universalistic slant. There is still a week to define everything and overcome, for example, the League’s doubts about the increase in contributions from smaller companies. The goal is to reform shock absorbers and active policies, with a similar training and reintegration path for the earners of Rdc, Naspi or other shock absorbers. Contribution waivers should also be included for workers from companies in crisis and refinancing of youth and women’s self-employment measures.

FAMILY. The maneuver will also direct funds to families, to intercept their needs. For example, it should make the ten-day paternity leave structural. And to incentivize women’s work with a deduction, in particular for women who return to work after maternity. In addition, the funds for free textbooks in compulsory education will increase.

TAMPON TAX. The request, submitted several times, to reduce VAT on sanitary pads, the so-called ‘tampon tax’, should also be implemented. Furthermore, the anti-violence and gender equality plan would become structural, including the reward for the certification of gender policies.

COMPANIES. Mise aims to refinance the Guarantee Fund for SMEs, Nuova Sabatini and development contracts and create an ad hoc fund for industrial transition.

SANITA ‘. The National Health Fund is increased, compared to 2021, by 2 billion in each year until 2024. New resources are allocated to the fund for innovative drugs and to spending on vaccines and drugs to stem the COVID-19 pandemic.

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