“Surprised? No, but we must fear social unrest”

“Arezzo is the city of P2, by Licio Gelli and a certain extreme right has always found fertile ground here”. Alessandro Mugnai, general secretary of CGIL Arezzo, comments on the arrest of Lorenzo Franceschi, known in the city as “Cyclone”. The 59-year-old from Arezzo ended up behind bars on charges of resistance and aggravated devastation after being identified among the participants in the assault on the national CGIL headquarters in Rome. Investigations are now underway on him who, as mentioned, have ordered his arrest in the past few hours. “It is certainly not the first time that a certain extreme right, the same party for which the arrested person said he had sympathies, is present in dark pages of contemporary Italian history – continues Mugnai – So no, I did not fall out of my chair when we were told of the arrest and, in this specific case, we are talking about a person already known to the police for other episodes. Am I worried about Arezzo and a possible fascist threat? No, they are not. We have no sign of this to make us think. Furthermore, the new generations are able to become passionate about high-level themes and this gives us hope for the future. What is certain is that we cannot and must not let our guard down “.

The post-pandemic discomfort, the social and economic repercussions of the Covid emergency are the points on which, according to the secretary Mugnai, there is a need to insist to make life difficult for actions of disorder and crime as well as to improve the quality of life of less affluent and weaker sections of the population.

“From an employment and economic point of view – continues – there are still great inconveniences. We must insist on these. We have tried to intervene on critical issues and discomfort but, it is evident, that it is also the city that has to do something to intervene in these areas because it is here that violent and troubled feelings can find fertile ground by feeding on the frustrations and difficulties of others. We will focus as much as possible the debate on the recomposition of our industrial districts, on manufacturing and on the protection of workers. We must strive to protect the rights and conditions of employment, provide assistance to those who request it and put citizens in a position not to feel abandoned. In other words, we must remove the discomfort from the territory because that is what we must be afraid of. Without it, characters like those who attacked Rome remain isolated and without weapons. Arezzo needs to open its horizons and to the world “.


Surprised fear social unrest

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