We were right, now I want an apology. Meloni furious on the Arcuri case – Il Tempo

We were right, now I want an apology. Meloni furious on the Arcuri case – Il Tempo
We were right, now I want an apology. Meloni furious on the Arcuri case – Il Tempo

“We have always asked for maximum transparency and attention” on the story of the masks and the Arcuri case. “We made a dossier handed over to President Draghi at the second consultation we had with him in February. This is why we believe we have had a role in replacing Commissioner Arcuri, who was one of the very first acts of President Draghi. For several months we have been insulted and derided for asking for clarity and transparency on the billions of euros of Italians used in an opaque way. Today I expect an apology from everyone because obviously we were not wrong. Today I find this myopia in some newspapers where I find my name in the title … ». Giorgia Meloni said this in a press conference in via della Scrofa, denying press reconstructions concerning her regarding the interrogation of Domenico Arcuri for the mask scandal.

“Yesterday Arcuri was heard by the Prosecutor’s Office and today I find my name in at least two headlines and in three newspaper articles concerning this interrogation”, underlined the president of Fdi, citing “Il Domani” and “Repubblica”, who vented like this: «I got tired of this way of doing journalism. The famous friend of Meloni with whom he titled “Repubblica” is the president of Confartigianato-Moda who contacted me in March 2020 to say: “We want to make ourselves available, how can we help?”. I say that there is this request, what should I answer? Arcuri gives me an email. And I reply with a text message – said Meloni, showing his mobile phone to the cameras – to the president of Confartigianato Fabio Pietrella: “Send an email to the Arcuri collaborator , where I write that they are the only ones who deal with it, I can’t do anything else “.

It is worth knowing that during the pandemic other people have looked for me and I have given them the exact same answer, which you can easily find on my mobile phone, which I can make available to you. It was enough for “Il Domani” and “Repubblica” to make a call to me … But evidently in the information of the regime this is not foreseen. I let you read my chats whenever you want. From this to say that I have recommended third parties or friends there passes … Meanwhile, tomorrow – announced the president of Fdi – filing a lawsuit for defamation against “Il Domani”. I don’t think that’s what Arcuri said, because otherwise he too will have a libel suit, in this case for slander. I’m tired of this bizarre way of doing journalism and finding myself in the headlines like that, ”Meloni blurted out.

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