Gb: the queen refused the award for the elderly – Europe

Gb: the queen refused the award for the elderly – Europe
Gb: the queen refused the award for the elderly – Europe

(ANSA) – LONDON, OCTOBER 19 – Queen Elizabeth II, 95 years old last April of which almost 70 spent on the throne, refused – politely but firmly – a prize assigned to her for personal reasons, letting it be known without mincing words of don’t feel old. This was reported by the magazine ‘The Oldie’, a publication reserved for the world of the elderly, which every year gives away the prize in question, entitled ‘Oldie of the Year’: something like ‘Oldie of the Year’.

In recent months, the magazine’s management had turned to the sovereign, through the court channels, to ask her respectfully if she was willing to accept the award.

But in the response – transmitted on August 21 from the Scottish royal summer residence of Balmoral via a communication entrusted to her private secretary, Tom Laing-Baker – the daughter of George VI made it known that it was not exactly the case. “His Majesty – we read in the letter from Laing-Baker released today – believes that one becomes old when one feels that way.

Therefore, the Queen does not think she meets the criteria “foreseen for receiving an award that” she hopes will find a more suitable recipient “.

Recipient identified at the end by the magazine in the famous French-American star of Hollywood cinema Leslie Caron, who is 90 years old: five less than Elisabetta.



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queen refused award elderly Europe

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