A moment of release for Sophie – Big Brother VIP

On the initiative of Already, this afternoon there will be a meeting between women inside the house.

On the veranda, sipping an herbal tea, Sophie, Manila and Jo keep talking about Gianmaria and his very particular way of doing things. To them, shortly after, it is also added Katia who, with curiosity, asks the model to explain the situation to her as she notices a certain sadness in her eyes. Manila, seeing Sophie in trouble, decides to explain everything by making it clear to the singer that at this moment the situation with Gianmaria begins to become too heavy to the point that she can no longer handle it.

“I’m trying to make a path for myself that makes me feel good” says Sophie through tears and explains that, having had problems in the past, she cannot tolerate those who pretend, making fun of others. The model also explains that today Gianmaria is certainly creating a love triangle again and that she certainly does not need this because it does not make her happy. “He is a person who puts a lot of negativity in me and I don’t want negativity in my life” adds Sophie who says she has been down in the dumps for a few days for this very reason.

“You have to come back smiling” says Katia, inviting her to take back her life and her serenity, pushing the VIP away.

The VIPs are joined by the other girls of the House who, in turn, join the conversation. “I want to live this path lightly” Sophie adds, underlining that this malaise is not dictated by the presence of Soleil, but precisely by Gianmaria who, despite the various discussions, does not seem to be willing to let her live her journey through the House quietly.

Soleil explains to Sophie that Giamaria’s is not a strategy but, apparently, the entrepreneur is just so confused and needs to look for himself.

Katia, sorry to see the model in this mood, tries to encourage her and tells her “We want to see you as happy and smiling as you always have been. We will be by your side “. Sophie is keen to specify that certainly, at the moment, this is exactly what she would like and it is for this reason that, seeing Gianmaria’s behavior, she has no intention of throwing herself down and has clearly told him that she wants to close with him; infline the model concludes: “It brings back to me things I no longer want to experience”.

At this point, Soleil is keen to clarify what happened yesterday in the episode, or the moment in which she decided to sit next to Gianmaria. Sophie blocks her and tells her that this is a topic unto itself. “Soleil is not the problem between me and Gianmaria” underlines the model in the presence of everyone, thus clarifying that question, but explains that what bothered her was the entrepreneur’s failure to take a stance even in that circumstance.

Sophie is clearly bored by this situation and by Gianmaria’s insistence and, after having vented with some women of the House, she has come to a conclusion: she wants to find herself and her serenity, moving away from him and his confusion.

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