Elections 2021, the situation of the M5s reminds me of the plot of an old film. And it doesn’t end well

Elections 2021, the situation of the M5s reminds me of the plot of an old film. And it doesn’t end well
Elections 2021, the situation of the M5s reminds me of the plot of an old film. And it doesn’t end well

by Pietro Francesco Maria De Sarlo

The current post-vote situation of the Administrations made me remember Burned, a beautiful 1969 film directed by Gillo Pontecorvo and performed by Marlon brando.

On an imaginary island of the Antilles, dominated by the Portuguese, a British agent, Walker-Brando, arrives to foment the independence revolt of the landowning class, in order to place the island under the influence of the Crown. Brando-Walker getting off the ship meets one of the black slaves who cut the sugar cane, who live in poor conditions, who offers to take his bags telling him “Suitcase, senor?” in exchange for a few coins. In this way Brando-Walker meets José and pushes him to lead a slave revolt and to ally with the bourgeoisie to obtain independence.

The revolution succeeds and the revolutionary government is established. José realizes the difficulties of the sugar cane trade and his own inexperience and retires saying to the new president Sanchez: “Remember that if you sell the cane we cut it”. José soon realizes that the situation of the slaves has not changed and so he leads a new revolt, this time quenched in blood by the British. José comes hanged refusing to be rescued by Brando-Walter, who had grown fond of him.

Brando-Walker leaves for England but is stopped at the port by a black man who tells him: “valigias senor?”. The confused protagonist turns around smiling because he had for a moment exchanged the man’s voice with that of José. In fact it is about a new leader of the looming revolt, who stabs him.

What are the similarities? Following the subprime crisis, Germany imposed a cure for tears and blood on Greece, especially, but also on Italy. To do this he relied on the Germanophile elite and the Italian oligarchs, owners of industries and media. The people in poverty found a guide (Grillo-Marlon) and rebelled, bringing the M5S (Conte-Sanchez) to the government. A part of these gave up (José-Di Battista) and another part was swallowed up by the system (Di Maio, Fico). The power is back again and firmly in the hands of the oligarchs (who treacherously call themselves pro-Europeans) and who had ruined him, following the free-market follies and power politics of Germany (England in the film), thanks to Renzi which, with the banks of the Democratic Party and the Colle (the pro-English bourgeois in the film), led to the government of Draghi (Sanchez’s replacement). Disillusioned Italians are back to “cutting the barrel” deserting the ballot boxes en masse.

What will happen now? The Democratic Party, and the group of powerful oligarchs it guarantees, will consider closed the game by setting up another guarantor of their system of power on the Hill and they will resume undaunted the nefarious liberal and classist policies, which so many disasters have they done, or will they have understood that the fire is still smoldering and will they use the resources found by Sanchez-Conte to rebalance Italian society in favor of the weaker classes? I sincerely hope in the second option.

In the meantime, the voters of the M5S have already “killed” Grillo-Brando recognizing him for what, probably, has always been an ‘agent’ to channel dissent and control it and certainly Di Maio and Fico and the other supporting actors accommodated in important armchairs they no longer have a minimum of credibility towards the base that elected them and the Conte-Sanchez blanket is too short and tugged to win it back.

Alessandro Di Battista it does not seem to be able to channel the protest on a significantly alternative movement, too identified with an M5S that it has already betrayed. But the real point – to put it to De André – is that “if you now believe that everything is as before because you still voted for safety, discipline”, know that somewhere there is someone with a knife ready to say “suitcase , senor ”and no one can say how it would end this time.

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