“It is the moment”. After the vote, the Democratic Party returns to office with the Zan bill

“It is the moment”. After the vote, the Democratic Party returns to office with the Zan bill
“It is the moment”. After the vote, the Democratic Party returns to office with the Zan bill

From indispensable battle to dust hidden under the carpet. Bad fate that of the law Zan on homostransphobia, which caused so much controversy for entire weeks before the summer. Ended up in the oblivion of the left because uncomfortable during the electoral campaign, now, just the day after the polls close, the issue of LGBTQ rights is extracted from the hat by the senator dem Monica Cirinnà. But don’t accuse them of opportunism, ever.

Certainly the parable of this law of discord is strange. Between June and July there was nothing else to talk about, the political news in newspapers and television news were monopolized by the topic and by opinions in favor or against. The Democratic Party had transformed it into a sort of totem on which no steps back were allowed, so much so that the races had been made to bring the text to the Senate before the summer break. Then, I realized that there were very few hopes that it would pass, quatto quatto the good Enrico Letta he put it in the drawer, ready to postpone the fight until September. But, thanks to the administrative elections – where for the occasion the left dusted off the usual refrain of the fascist right – the Zan bill remained in oblivion. Now, with the “triumphal victory“, here magically reappear, at the top of the list of priorities, precisely the law. An urgency at least suspicious: is it that the issue of homosexual rights was not very expendable in the electoral campaign? Or that, even, it risked removing some voters and provide a favorable ground for the center-right, which is strongly opposed to this law?

Now is the time to decideand “, Cirinnà now says, convinced that”the results of the local elections show that there is a strong demand for equality and justice in the country“. Here is the discussion on the subject – because it is a discussion, given that at Palazzo Madama the law risks not surviving the vote – it cannot be postponed. And so the Zan bill, approved in Montecitorio last November by the old Giallorossi alliance, will be to be examined by the Senate on October 27. Unless otherwise stated surprised to postpone the battle again. After all, it ended up in the drawer once already. Who knows that the Democratic Party will not forget it again.


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