“Too many poisons, but now we’re working belly to earth. To govern? In the end it rewards »- Corriere.it

“Too many poisons, but now we’re working belly to earth. To govern? In the end it rewards »- Corriere.it
“Too many poisons, but now we’re working belly to earth. To govern? In the end it rewards »- Corriere.it
from Cesare Zapperi

The Venetian governor asks Prime Minister Draghi to restore serenity in the political climate. And he denies that the League was defeated by the elections. We earned 80 mayors

Not an easy time for the country. Yet I saw an election campaign full of poisons. It looks like the perfect storm. Luca Zaia, president of the Veneto Region, looks at the general political climate rather than the electoral results.

worried? What do you see on the horizon?

We must be careful not to create a social conflict. We are still in the Covid emergency and the country cannot come out of it split in half like an apple. The tension has to drop.

Who can or should do it?

In this crucial moment, the role of Prime Minister Draghi. pragmatic and well-balanced person. He certainly has the right to carry out his government project but, without failing this, he must also work towards peace because the country needs serenity and peace, essential conditions on which to build a perspective.

Are you afraid of new street protests?

Look, I think that the maximum freedom to demonstrate must be guaranteed, a sacrosanct right. For the idea that there should not be a limit also cannot pass.

Let’s talk about the municipal elections. it was a defeat for the center-right.

In the big cities we didn’t manage to win, but we didn’t even have the mayor before. Rather, the analysis must focus on other findings.

What exactly are you referring to?

Well, in the meantime I would have expected it to be highlighted that the 5 Stars had Turin and Rome and now they no longer have them. They are the real losers of these elections.

And then there is the figure of participation in the vote.

That is the strongest party ever. One in two citizens did not vote. As an administrator I think being elected with low voter turnout is tragic. Although I would like to add that those who do not go to the polling stations are always wrong.

What, then, is the balance of the center-right?

As a league we have conquered about eighty more municipalities.

Is it enough in the face of heavy defeats in big cities?

I tell you this with a paradoxical joke, but up to a certain point: if we had lost in 70 municipalities but won in Rome we would be portrayed as authors of an extraordinary exploit. Because everything is a communication problem.

Well, the defeats in Milan, Bologna, Naples, Turin and Rome are real.

True, we have accused it of an undeniable setback, on a ground that, however, sees us historically in difficulty. Milan burns above all, where we chose the candidate in extremis who did not shine for a few bars in the electoral campaign.

Giorgia Meloni says that next time we have to choose political candidates.

But was Beppe Sala perhaps a political candidate? There is no magic formula, the candidacy like a tailored suit.

The leaders of the center-right for now say that it is necessary to choose the aspiring mayors of the next electoral round (in the spring of 2022 there will be votes in 50 cities) by the end of the year.

A choice made in time is a good thing. It does not matter whether they are civic or political, they must be esteemed candidates, credible, coherent, inclusive, strong in a program and a project. This is the only way to become recognizable.

In words it seems easy.

Look, who raised a friend of mine Varenne. Not even he knew who he had in the stable. For on the track they noticed it immediately.

Meloni also attributes the difficulties to different positions with respect to the Draghi government.

Mah. Where did we win did we get the votes of those who appreciate the government or those who contest it? instead it is true that three identities coexist in the center-right.

Is this not a problem?

But how many are there in the center-left? There you go from social centers to those who want to get along with everyone ….

After the results of the municipalities, there are those who ask the League to leave the government.

These are decisions that belong to the secretary. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s time to talk less and work on my stomach. Good governance is always rewarded.

Even the opposition pays off at times.

I have seen the League grow from its origins. It has two souls (struggle and government) that are invincible if they coexist in a symbiotic way. Although it later grew and gained acclaim thanks to the work of its administrators. I have seen this for myself. Especially in the last year I have had to make difficult decisions, at times they have earned harsh criticism. But in the end the work was appreciated and rewarded by the citizens.

October 19, 2021 (change October 19, 2021 | 9:03 pm)


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