soon a book on the clinical events of Milan

soon a book on the clinical events of Milan
soon a book on the clinical events of Milan

The infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, one of the best known Covid experts, will publish a Milanese history book. The revelation was given live by Galli himself during an interview with Cartabianca on Rai 3. The expert, who will be retired from 31 October, said that, thanks to a deep research work in the Milan archive , will soon be in the bookstore with a historical essay.

Galli to Cartabianca: “I have always applied meritocratic criteria carefully”

Galli’s new work

“Thanks to the passion, work and patience of a group of young and old friends, including some colleagues, we are studying in depth within the State archive of Milan and, in particular, we are focusing on the clinical stories collected and cataloged of all the Milanese who died between 1452 and 1800», Explained the infectious disease specialist, revealing his new project.

«Cwith their clinical histories, by reconstructing where they lived, in some area of ​​Milan, what jobs they do, etc., a picture may emerge, which for those who are passionate about history like me is undoubtedly extremely interestingContinued the expert. “In my future, however, I would also like to continue doing research and treating the sick,” concluded Galli.

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