Champions, Inter-Sheriff 3-1: tris firmato Dzeko-Vidal-De Vrij | news

Champions, Inter-Sheriff 3-1: tris firmato Dzeko-Vidal-De Vrij | news
Champions, Inter-Sheriff 3-1: tris firmato Dzeko-Vidal-De Vrij | news

At San Siro three heavy points for the Nerazzurri who get back on track for the next round

L’Inter makes no mistake and raises his head in Champions League. In the third round of Group D, the team of Inzaghi beats Sheriff-Tiraspol 3-1 and gets back on track for the next shift. At San Siro a tight match with many opportunities. The Nerazzurri unlock the match with a left on the fly by Dzeko (34 ‘), then in the second half Thill (52 ‘) equalized on a free kick, but Vidal (58′) e The free (67 ‘) close the game.

Three goals and three points. Inter archived the first round against Sheriff with a heavy victory. Both for the ranking and for morale. Net of the equalizer, arrived on a free kick, at the Meazza it was the team test that hit. A test of maturity, tough and concrete. Carried to port without skidding even when the situation seemed to get complicated and the “boat” risked taking on water. All thanks to the choices of Inzaghi, who against the Sheriff fielded a courageous and aggressive formation at the right point. A perfect mix of technique, experience and speed to leave little room for surprises and try to make the match from the beginning. Tactics that, against the surprise of this Champions League, hit the target perfectly, putting the qualification speech back on track.

After the defeat against Lazio, Inzaghi shuffles the cards in the Champions League and launches a front-wheel drive formation. Behind the Dzeko-Lautaro duo it’s up to Brozovic, Barella and Vidal in the median with Dumfries and Perisic on the outside and Dimarco in tow. Choices to which Vernydub, with nothing to lose, responds with a short and compact 4-3-3 led by Bruno Souza in attack. At a good pace it is Inter to take over the dribble. Under pressure, the Nerazzurri try to attack in the median and push to the right with Barella and Dumfries, but the Sheriff holds on and starts attacking with many men on the restart. After a couple of weak shots and a good play by Cristiano from the left, Traore misses the hook from an excellent position and San Siro trembles. The fear, however, does not last long. Within a few minutes, the Nerazzurri get back into the game and collect at least three great chances. The first two defuses Celeadnic on Dumfries and Dzeko, the third instead sends Dimarco high. Forcing that puts the Sheriff on the ropes and changes the match. Barella tries from afar, but the aim is wrong. Then it’s up to Dumfries to shoot on the outside of the net at the edge of the small area. Attempts that increase the pressure and prepare the ground for the Nerazzurri’s advantage. Shortly after half an hour of play Celeadnic deflects a poisonous free-kick from Dimarco for a corner and on the developments of the corner kick Dzeko unlocks the game with a great left footed shot. Shot that breaks the balance and opens up spaces. On the one hand, Lautaro nearly doubled and Celeadnic had to intervene again on Perisic, on the other Handanovic neutralized an attempt by Cristiano.

The recovery begins with the entry of Radeljic in place of Castaneda and the passage to 3-4-1-2 of the Sheriff. Change that gives more incisiveness and dynamism to the Moldovans’ attack and surprises the Nerazzurri. After a couple of Bruno’s bucks, Thill mocked Handanovic on a free-kick and put everything back in balance. A goal that immediately wakes up the Nerazzurri. Under pressure, Inzaghi’s gang increases the laps and in six minutes they miss a great chance with Dumfries, hit a post with Perisic and take the lead with Vidal, perfectly served by Dzeko. Question and answer that puts the game back on the Nerazzuri tracks. Tall and aggressive, Inzaghi’s team pushes and collects chances. Lautaro tries his head, but sends to the side. Then it’s up to De Vrij to round off the result on Dumfries’ perfect side. Trio that puts the result safe and turns the last twenty minutes into a monologue. In control, Inter took the game and maneuvered in order trying to keep the Sheriff away from Handanovic and continuing to attack. After the post, Perisic also hits the crossbar from a good position, then in the final only one goal is played. Lautaro tries to hit the target on a couple of occasions, but Celeadnic is attentive, then Sensi touches the intersection of the posts with a nice right turn and the last minutes are good only to enjoy the applause of San Siro. Inter collects their first victory of the season in the Champions League, scores three goals all at once and gets back on track for a place in the second round.

Dzeko 7,5: stands out in aerial duels and always finds himself in the right place even when he retreats to look for the ball to serve his teammates. Delicious the left on the fly with which he unlocks the race, then many other good plays. A goal and an assist
Vidal 7: he works dirty in the median, but he also shows up in tow with balance. The speed and pace are no longer what they used to be, but the garra yes. And also the sense of the goal
Perisic 7: grinds km and points in the band with continuity and quality showing an excellent state of form. All he misses is the goal. Center a post and a crossbar
Dumfries 6,5: pushes and dominates on his side by blowing up the bench. In the open field it is devastating, but it is not always lucid in the last choice
Celeadnic 6,5: limits the damage with his parries. In the first half at least four interventions save the result, then he must surrender to the Nerazzurri superiority
Cristiano 6: coverage is not perfect and Bruno is often there to help him with Dumfries. In the first half he manages to assert his left on a couple of occasions
Bruno 6: outside and in coverage does not shine, in the second half instead he goes to make the first striker and does much better

Inter (3-5-2): Handanovic 6; Skriniar 6.5, De Vrij 7, Dimarco 6.5 (8 ‘st Bastoni 6); Dumfries 6.5, Barella 6.5, Brozovic 6 (40 ‘st Sensi 6), Vidal 7 (30’ st Gagliardini 6), Perisic 7 (40 ‘st Kolarov sv); Dzeko 7.5 (30 ‘st Sanchez 5.5), Martinez 6.5.
Available: Cordaz, Radu, Vecino, Ranocchia, Correa, D’Ambrosio, Darmian. All .: S. Inzaghi 7
Sheriff-Tiraspol (4-3-3): Celeadnic 6.5; Fernando Costanza 5.5, Dulanto 5, Arboleda 5, Cristiano 6; Thill 6.5, Kolovos 6 (38 ‘st Cojocaru sv), Addo 5.5 (30’ st Nikolov sv); Traore 5 (45 ‘st Cojocari sv), Bruno Souza 6, Castaneda 5 (1’ st Radeljic).
Available: Pascenco, Julien, Kyabou, Yansane. All .: Vernydub 5
Referee: makkelie (Ola)
Markers: 34′ Dzeko (I), 8′ st Thill (S) , 13′ st Vidal (I), 22′ st De Vrij (I)
Ammonites: Dimarco (I); Cojocaru (S)

– Inter have returned to scoring after three consecutive goalless matches in the Champions League.
– With 29 shots Inter have recorded their record of shots in a Champions League match since the data is available (2003/04).
– Edin Dzeko hasn’t scored in the Champions League since October 2018, five goalless games for him since then.
– Edin Dzeko has scored five goals in five home games so far this season.
– All of Edin Dzeko’s last seven Champions League goals have come in home games.
– Edin Dzeko scored and assisted at 35 years and 216 days: the oldest to do so in a Champions League game since Didier Drogba in November 2014 (36 years 259 days).
– This is only the second time Arturo Vidal has scored goals and assists in a Champions League match, the first in 2012 with Juventus against Chelsea.
– Inter are the only team in this Champions League that have attempted at least 14 first-half shots in two games: tonight and against Real Madrid.
– Samir Handanovic played his 400th match tonight with the Inter shirt, counting all the competitions; he has always started in the first place.
– Milan Skriniar scored his 100th victory tonight with the Inter shirt.

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