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Tarantino: “Politically correct? Pulp Fiction was criticized” – Cinema

Quentin Tarantino, besides being a brilliant director, is a true phenomenon of physicality, verbal impetuosity and above all compulsive and contagious laughter. Impossible to resist him as it happened in the meeting with the public and the press at the Rome Festival that gave him a more than deserved career award.

Meanwhile, the politically correct seems to prevent more and more any kind of transgression even mentioned. “I think that today it is more difficult to make films, but not impossible to tell certain things. You have to believe in it and not worry too much. Even PULP FICTION had the negative attention of many critics for the themes and the style. You must not be too sensitive, and not never see things as a personal attack. However, it must be said, in the days of PULP FICTION, it was very different. If I had only done it four years later it would have been more complicated. “

Is cinema dead? “We’ll see, it’s impossible to answer for sure. I have my own cinema (New Beverly, ed.) And since we reopened it has been an incredible turnout, so much so that I have just bought another room. cinema in the future will become a somewhat niche space. It’s true things are changing. I was lucky anyway. ONCE UPON A TIME … HOLLYWOOD came out just in time, before the Pandemic, like a bird that manages to get out from a window a few seconds before it closes. ”


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Tarantino Politically correct Pulp Fiction criticized Cinema

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