Unanimous green light to the Budget Document: 1 billion more for citizenship income, superbonus until 2023. Decision on quota 102 postponed

Unanimous green light to the Budget Document: 1 billion more for citizenship income, superbonus until 2023. Decision on quota 102 postponed
Unanimous green light to the Budget Document: 1 billion more for citizenship income, superbonus until 2023. Decision on quota 102 postponed

The cabinet has unanimously approved the Budget planning document examined on Tuesday morning in the control room at Palazzo Chigi chaired by the premier Mario Draghi. The reserves of the League on quota 102, transitional measure for early retirement destined to take effect in January with the end of quota 100: the issue will be discussed in the coming days in view of the launch of the actual maneuver. “I exclude any return to the Fornero law“, The comment of Giancarlo Giorgetti. The Document, which is the “frame” of the Budget Law and will be sent shortly to the Commission european, has as pillars a 8 billion cut of the tax wedge for workers and businesses, a maxi refinancing of 1 billion for the Basic income, the already announced extension of the Super bonus for the energy requalification of buildings up to 2023 but only for condominiums (excluding single-family houses, city, villas), the expected reform of the social safety nets, a fund of 1 billion per reduce the cost of bills electricity and gas. Also foreseen is the reduction of VAT on sanitary napkins hygienic. The approval of the budget law 2022, expected this week, goes towards it slip until next time. The commitments in Brussels of Prime Minister Draghi (European summit on Thursday and Friday), in fact, leave little room for the convening of a new Council of Ministers.

The appropriation for the measure symbol of the 5-star Movement it passed apparently without objection on the part of center right e Italy alive, who also promised battle against the anti-poverty subsidy by coming to announce referendum (except never to start the collection of signatures) and amendments to abolish it. After all, government sources say, Prime Minister Draghi and Economy Minister Franco were “aligned on refinancing ”as well as on the superbonus, while the pensions issue. As if the Carroccio had wanted to to brake on exceeding the 100 quota, on the day it gave the green light to additional funds for the other symbol-measure launched in 2018 when it was in government with the pentastellates.

Basic income – The additional funding for the citizenship income is approx one billion for 2022. In total, between the allocation already foreseen when fully operational and new funds, for the subsidy wanted by 5 Star Movement will thus be available approx 8.8 billion, the same figure as this year, when the funds were increased several times to cope with the greater draw of the measure due to the pandemic. The additional allocation is accompanied by “corrective to punish those dishonest citizens who think they can “crafty”, The minister wrote on Facebook Federico D’Incà after the cdm.

Pensions, discussion on quota 102 postponed – Per exceed 100, the experimentation of which ends at the end of the year, without returning directly to the Fornero law, the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco he proposed “quota 102“In 2022 – means being able to aspire to retirement with a minimum of 64 years of age and 38 of contributions – and then move on to 104 the following year, in 2023. The number of affected workers would be slightly less than 50 thousand people in two years, according to union sources. The minimum age of 64 excludes all those who had not managed to access Quota 100, i.e. those born from 1960 onwards. There League, which claimed “quota 41”, considered too expensive, during the cdm expressed a “reserve politics”. The decision remains on stand-by for now, given that there are only macro-voices in the Dpb and any decision on overcoming the reform passed during the Conte 1 government can be postponed. The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti requested that the measure be applied only to state distinguishing them, for the purposes of advancing the pension, from private workers. After the CDM he commented: “There are pensions several hypotheses at stake, but this evening no decision on 100 was taken, as requested by the ministers of the League. In the next few days they will decide mode e times changes to the pension system. I exclude any return to the Fornero law“.

Tax wedge cut – The ministers of Come on Italy e i renziani in the control room they asked to increase the budget for cutting the tax wedge (hopefully up to 10 billion) in favor of businesses and workers. In the end, however, an allocation of 8 billion was confirmed.

Bill cutting – The allocation of a billion for cutting the energy bills. The resources should flow into a special fund that will be created with the maneuver.

Paternity leave and tampon tax – The next maneuver should make the paternity leave from ten days. There will also be a reduction in VAT on sanitary napkins, the so-called ‘tampon tax’.

Refinanced TV and decoder bonuses – According to sources from the ministry of economic development, i bonus Tv e decoder will be refinanced. The bonus for scrapping an old device now consists of one discount of 20% on the purchase price up to a maximum amount of 100 euro without Isee limits, unlike the bonus decoder with value up to 30 euro and intended exclusively for citizens belonging to a family unit with an Isee not exceeding 20 thousand euros. The two measures are cumulative.

Confirmed Fondo Pmi and Sabatini – Refinancing of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs, of the “New Sabatini“, Of the“ Development Contracts ”and of the IPCEI 1 Fund, the facilitating instrument that supports the activities carried out by the Italian subjects involved in the realization of the Important Projects of Common European Interest. According to Mise sources, these are some of the measures that will be included in the next maneuver, to which will also be added a Industrial transition fund.

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