“Big Brother Vip”: Carmen apologizes to the roommates but with Katia it is an open confrontation

Following the end of the episode, the other VIPs tried to intervene by putting some peace between the two, but with poor results. Soleil tries to explain to Carmen that, of course, Katia felt offended when she touched a delicate issue during the discussion. “I love her, I respect her, but… we don’t see what isn’t there”, says Carmen, emphasizing, once again, that Katia has misunderstood the meaning of her sentence.

Soleil invites Carmen to go and clarify with the singer while Alex tries to make her understand that what sparked the discussion was the behavior she and Jo assumed during the game of billiards and that, all this, was considered by Katia as a lack of respect. “No one has ever said that to me, hypocritical or gossipy,” Carmen points out.

Shortly after, Katia feels the need to comment on what happened, letting off steam with some of her companions. To Soleil she explains that she is resentful mainly for a phrase said by Carmen: “If I go out I have my family” and this has bothered her a lot, especially in view of what was said in the course of the putata about her life and her affections. girl tells her that she hopes Carmen has said those words meaning something else and that, for a nomination, an exaggerated discussion has been unleashed. Ainett pushes for peace: “You are friends, you are always together” inviting the singer to clarify with Carmen. Katia, however, says: “No, I’m not a friend, I’m sorry. But you were there and I’m sorry you didn’t say anything”, and adds: “I’m really tired of fake people.” Will the two celebrities be able to set the record straight and reconcile their relationship?

CARMEN’S APOLOGIES TO THE OTHER – Sorry for what happened, Carmen in the morning decides to apologize to the VIPs for reacting in that way. “It’s not my style to exaggerate or raise the vote. I’m sorry for what happened,” she says bitterly for the previous episode. “On both sides you have said some unclear things. The important thing is that you then clarify between you ”Soleil tells her, giving her point of view. “Words have a certain weight” concludes Carmen who, ready to clarify the matter, hopes that Katia will reflect a little on the words said, as she did.

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