the team that developed Astrazeneca at work

the team that developed Astrazeneca at work
the team that developed Astrazeneca at work

In the United Kingdom, infections are increasing, they are approaching 50,000 a day even if fortunately the increase in hospitalizations and deaths is not as massive. However, faced with the need to administer a third dose to the first vaccinated, whose protection is waning, there is the hypothesis of resorting to a specific vaccine for the Delta variant, which has now become dominant.

Green pass, yesterday over a million certificates downloaded (and the third doses of vaccine exceed the first)

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Oxford University at work

At the University of Oxford the same team that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, led by Professor Sarah Gilbert, is working on the new drug. According to the Express, however, the completion of the research and especially of the production takes time. Professor Eleanor Riley, an immunologist at the University of Edinburgh, said ‘the biggest benefit would be to help limit the spread of Delta in the UK’. Current vaccines are still effective in reducing the likelihood of serious illness and death, but a Delta-specific vaccine may also be more protective than infection.

In the European Union, mRna vaccines are being used for the third dose of reinforcement, Italy has chosen to administer it, on a voluntary basis, to healthcare professionals and the over 60s, without waiting for the development of specific vaccines for the Delta which would risk to arrive late.



team developed Astrazeneca work

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