Senator refuses to show the green pass and enters Palazzo Madama: suspended. The Presidency Council: “Without a certificate you cannot enter”

Senator refuses to show the green pass and enters Palazzo Madama: suspended. The Presidency Council: “Without a certificate you cannot enter”
Senator refuses to show the green pass and enters Palazzo Madama: suspended. The Presidency Council: “Without a certificate you cannot enter”

Senators who do not show the green pass at the entrance will no longer be able to enter Palazzo Madama or any other seat of the Senate. This was decided by the Bureau regarding the case of Bianca Laura Granato, who on Tuesday – as announced the day before on Facebook – refused to show the qr code to shop assistants and for this reason, explained the president Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati in the Chamber, was sanctioned with theinterdiction from parliamentary work for ten days, the practice that will also be adopted in the future. The decision was greeted by a long applause from the assembly. At first, the Calabrian senator of There is an alternative (ex Movimento 5 stelle) had however been admitted to the session of the Constitutional Affairs Commission convened for 2.30 pm, on whose agenda there is – among other things – the examination of law decree 127/2021 which imposes the certificate in the workplace.

“They let me in, but I was reported. I still have the green pass, but it is one matter of principle“He explained. Since this morning, officials and clerks had been alerted to the possible blitz. At the restaurant, the shop assistants – who now no longer ask for a pass from those who arrive for lunch, having checked the entrances – were instructed not to allow the senator to enter the room. “If they drive me away they have to take their responsibilities, because the risk is that the voice of the opposition remain completely unheard, that the amendments fall and therefore the last ones bulwarks from democracy and of institutional debate, in legislative fora, fail with a decree ”, she says.

The president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission Dario Parrini (Pd) had temporarily suspended the work pending indications from the Bureau that had met for the purpose. “I received an official communication from the Quaestors about the presence on the committee of a senator she had violated the regulation on the green pass. In agreement with the Quaestors themselves, I suspended the session because it is not possible to work when the regulation is violated on a point as important as safety and the salute. Now I await the decisions on how to resume work ”, he explained. “This is the first case to manage of insubordination to the rules. I believe that in the application to the first case there will be a practice that will prevent the block of works in the future ”. “A former M5s senator enters the Constitutional Affairs Committee without wanting to show the green pass and forces President Dario Parrini to interrupt the session. Solidarity with the staff of the Chamber and Senate who in these hours must deal with these stupid provocations “, commented on Twitter the leader of the Pd group Andrea Marcucci.

“I will not enter the Senate with the Green Pass, I have no intention of exhibiting the card of obedience“, The parliamentarian announced on Facebook. “When I’m out of the parliamentary context, not to rise above the rules that all other citizens suffer, I have to show the green pass and I do it, but in the place dedicated to the representation of citizens I refuse to submit to a distortion of the Senate regulation resulting from a law decree which is a unilateral act of the Government: it has not yet been converted into law, the Parliament is discussing it at the moment. If by chance I was not given the opportunity to enter the classroom, thesubversive act perpetrated to the detriment of citizens deprived of their right to representation ”, he wrote. “I am in solidarity with the demonstrators in Trieste and with the demonstrators from all over Italy who at this moment are the only bulwark of a rule of law that they are denying us and have denied us through laws unconstitutional e authoritarian that do not exist in any other European country “.


Senator refuses show green pass enters Palazzo Madama suspended Presidency Council certificate enter

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