Violent nightlife in Milan, robbery at dawn: woman attacked by mistake – Chronicle

Violent nightlife in Milan, robbery at dawn: woman attacked by mistake – Chronicle
Violent nightlife in Milan, robbery at dawn: woman attacked by mistake – Chronicle

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The violent raid at the exit from the nightclub. The reaction of one of the robbed e i slashing from a single blade. Then the rush to the hospital. The contours of theassault on Sunday morning in front of street number 3 in via de Tocqueville, a stone’s throw from Corso Como. At the moment, there are no certainties about the dynamics nor people registered in the register of suspects, but, according to what appears to the Day, the hypothesis that is gaining ground is that to injure a thirty-two-year-old saleswoman from Segrate, in very serious conditions at Niguarda, and a twenty-four-year-old Senegalese with police history residing in Arcore was the same person: the companion of the woman, SM, forty-four, originally from Varese who in the past has collected several violations of the Highway Code and who manages some restaurants in the center. Obviously, if this lead were confirmed by the investigations of the carabinieri of the Compagnia Duomo, the stab that cut the woman’s femoral bone would have been given by mistake by the forty-four-year-old during the struggle with several people. Here, then, is the possible sequence. At 5 on Sunday, SM and his partner, who live together in an apartment in the Niguarda area, leave a nightclub with some friends and head to another club a few tens of meters away.

On the way, are approached by 5-6 young people, probably of Central African origin, who surround them with the clear aim of robbing them: in all likelihood, they are part of a gang of thugs who sell coca and marijuana until late in the evening, only to turn into marauders of clocks late at night. At that point, SM reacts and, according to some witnesses, arms himself with a kitchen knife that he kept in the trunk of the car; that is the only blade that will appear on the scene, at least according to the stories made to the military and the analysis of the images of the video surveillance cameras. In the turmoil, two stab wounds hit the thirty-two year old in the right leg and the twenty-four year old (who will say he intervened to help an acquaintance involved in the fight) in the left leg in a superficial way. The boy calls 112: he will be rescued by the Areu health workers and transported in green code to the Fatebenefratelli. The woman is loaded into the car by her partner and two friends and taken to the Niguarda: operated shortly after, she is still hospitalized in intensive care, in danger of life. The report to the carabinieri comes right from the hospital, and this is how the investigators of the Duomo manage to reconnect the two apparently distinct episodes.

There seems to be no doubt that everything is born from a robbery, as there have been so many in recent years in that nightlife area and as, moreover, confusedly reconstructed by SM: in the chaos, in fact, one of the attackers managed to rob the restaurateur of a Rolex Gmt 2, an i-Phone and the wallets with credit cards and 300 euros in cash. The specialists of the Scientific Investigations Section of the Investigative Unit, called to via de Tocqueville for the surveys, confiscated the kitchen knife.

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Violent nightlife Milan robbery dawn woman attacked mistake Chronicle

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