A man assaulted and beaten five local police officers in Milan

A man was arrested after attacking five local police officers in Viale Tunisia in Milan with a wooden bat on the morning of Tuesday 19 October.

It all started around 11:30. According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that the man approached a cast iron patrol engaged in a service in Piazza Oberdan and began rummaging inside the cockpit. The agents, realizing what was happening, tried to stop him but he moved away from the real Viale Tunisia. And just at street number 16 the attack was born: the man, holding a wooden club, hurled himself against the police.

The video of the attack

In the struggle, an officer was injured (hit by a beating) and fell to the ground. Immediately after that, the cast irons would have pulled out the service pistol and fired a shot in the air. The man, who landed, was accompanied to the command to be identified. For the moment it is not yet clear which offense he will be held accountable for; Piazza Beccaria maintains the utmost confidentiality.

The officer injured in the fight, on the other hand, was accompanied in yellow code to the emergency room.


man assaulted beaten local police officers Milan

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