When the green pass will be removed: Figliuolo’s announcement

With the first day of green pass obbligatorio (here the definitive guide with the Government Faq), only on Friday 15 October, 69,000 first doses of vaccine were registered in Italy in one day. Despite the boom in tampons and sickness certificates (but beware of what you risk) – at 12 noon on Friday the increase in workers left at home compared to the previous Friday was already 23.3% -, with kilometric queues outside the pharmacies of all big cities, the line of the Draghi government seems clear: move forward firmly.

It also proves it evacuation at the port of Trieste, where the port workers who demonstrated praising the “No green pass” were removed with fire hydrants and tear gas. The emergency commissioner Figliuolo, for his part, seems satisfied: “The vaccination campaign continues positively,” he said.

How many green passes have been downloaded and how many are missing

In the Public Administration, the increase in sickness certificates was only 18.3% on Friday, below average but still high, surpassed by protected private workers with + 21.1% of sickness certificates sent. The increase was 10.5%, as regards workers classified by the INPS as not protected, who by law do not receive sickness benefits.

With the acceleration of the last few days, the green passes downloaded have exceeded 100 million (100,595,790 to be exact). In fact, between 14 and 16 October, 2.5 million green certifications were downloaded, with the record reached on Friday, with 867,039 new certificates. Of the 2.5 million green passes issued between Thursday and Saturday, the vast majority (1.8 million) are from tampons, 643,184 from vaccination and 10,880 from recovery from Covid.

The Italians who have received at least the first dose of the anti-Covid vaccine have now exceeded 46 million, that is 85.4% of the audience vaccinable over 12. While those who completed the vaccination cycle have now risen to 43.74 million, 81%. The problem now is to convince those 8.3 million people who are still waiting for the first dose. Of these, the most numerous band is that between 40 and 49 years, about 1.7 million.

As raised by the CGIA of Mestre, from Monday 18 October 2 million workers “cannot go to work because they are unable to get a swab” necessary to obtain the green pass and, therefore, access the job. Pharmacies and public and private facilities are struggling to keep up with demand. Those who have decided not to get vaccinated will have to renew the green pass every 48 hours, so they will have to undergo swabs about 15 times a month, which means around 700,000 tests per day are available.

Pharmacies open for tampons even on closing days: the proposal

The Federation of Orders of Pharmacists proposed that pharmacies, on a voluntary basis and subject to the authorization of the competent ASL, they can also operate during closing hours and days exclusively for the execution of rapid antigenic swabs.

In this way it would be possible to further expand the offer to non-vaccinated citizens and carry out a greater number of tests, without creating difficulties for the normal work of pharmacies.

In Piedmont free pads waiting for the green pass

While the discussion on the free of charge tampons also continues, one Region has decided to introduce free swabs for all workers waiting for the green pass. This is the Piedmont, where the governor Alberto Cirio has decided to encourage vaccination against Covid.

From 23 October, workers who have already vaccinated themselves with at least the first dose and are waiting for the green pass – which by law is validated only after 15 days – or have booked for the vaccine, can obtain free tampons.

It will be possible to directly access the public hot spots of the ASL by showing the vaccination certificate and self-certifying that you are a worker. The Region announces that the list and timetables will be published on the Piedmont Region website by Friday 22 October.

How could the green pass at work change immediately

While keeping in mind that the protest, pumped up by the media, in reality is not of the majority of Italians, who have instead chosen to vaccinate themselves and protect the community in which they live, including the working community, the green pass question is extremely complex, from several points of view. view.

At the moment the Covid green passport is mandatory even outdoors and also for workers of foreign companies who must access the offices of companies or public administrations in Italy, including road hauliers. Strict legislation to get workers to get vaccinated, obviously.

But the new rules may already be changing. The Movimento 5 Stelle presented a series of amendments in the Constitutional Affairs Commission in the Senate in view of the conversion into law of the decree on the Covid green certificate, which, if accepted, would already change the face of the green passport.

If the M5s amendments pass, the main news would be substantially three:

  • stop the obligation of the green pass for workers in smart working and for those who work outdoors or in a completely individual way (we think, for example, of those who work in agriculture or VAT numbers who carry out their work individually without coming into contact with other colleagues)
  • exemption from the obligation of the green pass for those people who demonstrate, through a serological test, to have a level of anti Covid antibodies equal to or higher than the threshold established by the Ministry of Health
  • quick swabs, needed to work, for 5 euros.

When the green pass will end: Figliuolo’s announcement

Meanwhile, the Commissioner Figliuolo says he is “happy”: “The increase in doses arrived with the news of the extended and consolidated green pass on October 15th is welcome. Now we will see if this trend becomes structural ”. Meanwhile, the curve of the first doses has stabilized around 60 thousand, slightly up.

With 70 thousand vaccinations a day for 30 days we “take home” 2 million more people vaccinated, which would help us reach 90% or exceed it, and by then we will have reached “a good goal, which is the target that we propose ”, he explained.

And here comes his prediction: if Italy were to reach 90% vaccinated against Covid, the green pass could be revised and at least “lightened”, if not abolished.

“When we reach 90% of the vaccinated, and then if the behaviors continue to be responsible as we are all doing and the curves confirm the current trend, I believe that the government will think of something that can go towards a lightening of the current containment measures , such as the obligation of the green pass ”, he announced. “I am sure that when we reach that goal there could be a relaxation of the measures in place today,” he explained.

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