Stop the Green pass for those who work outdoors or at home and 5 euro tampons: what’s in the amendments to the decree

Currently the Green pass is also mandatory for those who work outdoors, as specified by one of the Faq published yesterday by the government on the Palazzo Chigi website. “The obligation of the Green pass is not linked to the fact that the place where you work is outdoors or indoors,” it says. And also the workers of foreign companies who have to access the offices of companies or public administrations in Italy, including road hauliers, must have it and show it. But the amendments presented yesterday by the 5 Star Movement in the Constitutional Affairs Commission in the Senate in view of the conversion into law of the decree on the Covid-19 Green Certification provide for the overcoming of the obligation. In addition to tampons for 5 euros. The amendments envisage raising the cost of rapid tampons needed to carry out public and private work to 5 euros. And to exempt from the obligation to show the Green Pass those who are in an agile or teleworking mode (smart working) and those who work outdoors or in a completely individual way.

There is also an exemption from the obligation to possess the Green Card for those people who demonstrate, through a serological test, that they have a level of anti-Covid antibodies equal to or higher than the threshold established by the Ministry of Health. «These modification proposals – say the M5s senators – meet the demands of the world of work, which politics has a duty to listen to and to which we have a duty to provide solutions. We think of those who work in agriculture or VAT numbers who, for example, carry out their work individually without coming into contact with other colleagues. The choice of providing for the stop to sanctions for those workers, whose validity of the certificate expires during the performance of the service, is anchored to the principle of reasonableness, so as to allow them to complete it within the day without being removed from their post. of work, as happened, for example, in the school world between one lesson and another to some teachers ».

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Stop Green pass work outdoors home euro tampons whats amendments decree

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