San Marino, forerunner on Sputnik, Ciavatta: “We hope to soon be a Covid-free state”

San Marino, forerunner on Sputnik, Ciavatta: “We hope to soon be a Covid-free state”
San Marino, forerunner on Sputnik, Ciavatta: “We hope to soon be a Covid-free state”

From the world record in mortality from new coronavirus for the year 2020 to the progressive reopening of activities, with the aim of soon becoming a Covid-free state. Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in the Republic of San Marino, where the new coronavirus has hit hard, 21 thousand vaccine administrations have been exceeded. In total – from the beginning of the campaign and up to 1 pm on April 19, 2021 – 5,030 infected were recorded out of a population of just under 35 thousand souls, 88 dead, 4,746 recovered. There are 196 currently positive: 105 women and 91 men, with an average age of 46 years. In the last 24 hours zero new cases, while 176 people positive for the virus in isolation at home, 20 hospitalized in the State Hospital, of which five in intensive care. Numbers recorded daily by the ISS of San Marino, the Social Security Institute of the Republic, which on the site invites you to get vaccinated: “Vaccination – it is recalled – is the most important active immunization weapon to stop the Covid-19 pandemic , prevent deaths and achieve “community” immunity ».

Europe slows down, San Marino leads the way with Sputnik

The Serenissima Republic of San Marino, a small state nestled between Emilia Romagna and the Marche, between the province of Rimini and that of Pesaro and Urbino, has focused precisely on the vaccination plan, which is reopening its activities. Teaching in presence, restaurants open also for dinner, postponed curfew at midnight from next April 26th. And while Europe still slows down, the third smallest state in Europe has led the way in the use of the controversial Sputnik V (where V stands for victory), the vaccine that comes from the cold, on which the Spallanzani of Rome April 13 launched a trial.


Serenissima without doses

“We had already moved from August 2020 together with the Italian Ministry of Health to reach the signing of a protocol, which we then signed on 11 January this year, to enter the European supply of vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna. , approved by Ema and Aifa. One dose every 1,700 supplied to Italy, which is the proportion between our 35,000 inhabitants and 60 million Italians, ”Roberto Ciavatta, Secretary of State for Health and Social Security of the Republic of San Marino, explains to Sole 24 Ore. An agreement like the one drawn up by Andorra with Spain and the Principality of Monaco with France, in which vaccines are regularly paid for and not donated. When we went from papers to facts, the Secretary of State underlines, there were, however, “very significant slowdowns”, so much so that “towards the end of February we were without a dose and had no form of coverage against Covid, in a reality where the contagion was very strong, as in the neighboring Italian municipalities ».

Buying the vaccine that comes from the cold

The agreement for the supply of Sputnik V therefore starts from the vaccine hunt. «We decided to move quickly – explains Ciavatta – evaluating what was on the market in mid-February 2020. And there was availability of the Russian Sputnik V viral vector vaccine which, although not approved in Europe, already enjoyed a number of reviews in scientific journals that were very positive regarding its efficacy and safety. And so we decided to proceed in that direction, with an initial quantity of doses for 7,500 citizens. And then by purchasing the vaccination doses for all San Marino citizens ». Just on February 2, 2021, the scientific journal Lancet had published a study which indicated that the Russian vaccine had demonstrated a very high efficacy: 91.6 percent. San Marino, therefore, directly signs the agreement with the Russian sovereign fund for direct investments Rdif (Russian Direct Investment Fund). The State of Titan has received 68,000 doses of Russian vaccine since the first delivery on 23 February until today: 34,000 first doses and 34,000 second doses. It is worth remembering that Sputnik has a different booster from the first dose: in the first vaccine the Ad26 virus is used, while in the second administration, 21 days later, the adenovirus Ad25. And 7,020 doses of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine have also arrived in the Republic of the Titan.

A study with Spallanzani on reactions and effects

Reactions? «We have registered very mild reactions – explains the secretary of state – which are those of any vaccination campaign, even the flu one: some lines of fever for a few hours for some, some headaches. On one occasion we had a person who needed treatment in the emergency room for a mild shock, but had several previous problems. We directly found no significant side effects. Currently, together with the Spallanzani Institute in Rome, we are carrying out a study on the efficacy and safety of this vaccine, with antibody tests to understand when, how and with what quality antibodies develop. And I must say that the first data we have, which statistically are absolutely insignificant – we are talking about still low numbers – speak to us of efficacy percentages even beyond those indicated by the Lancet ».

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