‘Ndrangheta, waste traffic: arrests and kidnappings throughout Italy

‘Ndrangheta, waste traffic: arrests and kidnappings throughout Italy
‘Ndrangheta, waste traffic: arrests and kidnappings throughout Italy

Operation of the Carabinieri Forestali Group of Reggio Calabria: twenty-nine personal precautionary measures between Calabria and Emilia-Romagna, seized five companies. The leaders of the Piromalli family have been affected, including the former parliamentarian Pittelli

Twenty-nine personal precautionary measures, several of which aimed at top members of the ‘Ndrangheta, and the seizure of five waste treatment companies between Calabria and Emilia-Romagna were carried out by the Carabinieri of the Forestry Group and the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria as part of an investigation by the Dda of Reggio. The suspects are accused, in various ways of mafia association, illicit waste trafficking and other environmental crimes at the end of an investigation conducted by Nipaaf, the Investigative Unit of the Environmental Agri-food and Forestry Police of the Forest Police. There is also the lawyer and former parliamentarian Giancarlo Pittelli among the recipients of the precautionary custody order, already accused in the Rinascita-Scott maxi-trial of the DDa of Catanzaro.

Provisions issued by the investigating judge Bellini

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The forestry carabinieri of the departments in Calabria, Sicily, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna also participated in the operation, called “Mala pigna”, with the support of the helicopter squadron “Cacciatori Calabria” and the soldiers of the eighth Carabinieri Helicopter Nucleus stationed in Vibo Valentia. The measures were issued by the investigating judge Vincenza Bellini at the request of the Reggio Calabria DDA led by the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri. The details of the operation will be illustrated by General Antonio Pietro Marzo, commander of the forestry units, and by the heads of the Reggio Prosecutor’s Office in a press conference scheduled at 11.00 at the Provincial Carabinieri Command of Reggio Calabria.

The leaders of the Piromalli family in prison

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According to what emerges, the waste supply chain started from Gioia Tauro and went as far as Northern Italy. It was managed by the Piromalli clan. With the precautionary custody order, signed by the investigating judge Bellini, top members of the mafia family but also key entrepreneurs of the Piromalli clan ended up in prison. The epicenter of the waste traffic would have been Gioia Tauro. In addition to the mafia association, the Dda of Reggio also challenged the suspects for the crime of environmental disaster.


Ndrangheta waste traffic arrests kidnappings Italy

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