Poland, Von der Leyen: the Supreme Court ruling calls into question the EU bases

“The fate of Poland is Europe”, reiterated von der Leyen speaking in the debate in the European Parliament on the crisis of the rule of law in Poland.

“The EU Commission will act” – On respect for the rule of law in Poland, “we will not allow EU values ​​to be put at risk”, added von der Leyen. The European Commission “will act, the options are well known: infringement procedures, the cross compliance mechanism and other financial instruments. And Article 7, a powerful tool to which we must return. This situation must be resolved and it will be”.

Morawiecki: “We are in the EU here and we’re not going anywhere” – “For us, European integration is a choice of civilization, we are here, this is our place and we are not going anywhere, we want Europe to become strong, ambitious and courageous again”. This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“No to the EU of double standards, we reject blackmail” – “Too often we are dealing with a Europe of double standards”, continued the Polish Prime Minister. “We must not fight against each other. We must not look for culprits where there are none. Poland is attacked in a partial and unjustified way, the rules of the game must be the same for everyone. It is not permissible to talk about sanctions. I reject the language of threats and blackmail “.


Poland Von der Leyen Supreme Court ruling calls question bases

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