In the shadow of the Castle, an itinerary to discover Milan’s legends and traditions

Milano – Neiade Tour & Events returns to offer its guided tours to discover the legends and traditions of Milan: the Biscione and many other symbols of the medieval past, ghosts, superstitions, anecdotes and culinary traditions, habits, legends, customs and crafts of the Old Milan. This and much more in one guided tour in search of the ancient and magical mysteries of the historic center of Milan, delighted by a tasting of typical sweets linked to the anniversaries that, from season to season, alternate in the rich Milanese calendar.

Milano – Legends and popular folklore, to discover the oldest soul of some iconic places in the city and to chase, on the basis of the engaging stories told by the guides of Neiad, the traces of a past that still lives on in today’s Milan.

Milano – The guided tour in search of the legends and traditions of Milan has always started in the shadow of the Sforzesco Castle, under the Torre del Filarete: on its walls stands the Biscione, animal symbol of the city and of the power of the Sforza family. Dragon or snake? What happened to those who ventured out of the city? Abandoning ghosts and terrifying stories, we then reach the beating heart of the historic center of Milan, atancient Broletto in via Mercanti to discover new legends and traditions. Another animal, a semilanut sow, observes from the top of the facade of the imposing medieval building. Is the name of the city due to you? What stories are you hiding? Strolling in Piazza Duomo and under the crystal dome of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, up to Palazzo Marino in piazza della Scala many other stories evoke the symbolic kaleidoscope of the city, made up of toponyms and habits that still live in the uses and customs of the Milanese.

But not only that, in this guided tour the origin of the saffron risotto he was born in panettone, traditional recipes now famous all over the world, without forgetting the many sweets that are linked to the recurrences of the Ambrosian calendar and the ancient traditions of the area. A new, exciting and fun way to discover the historic center of Milan and the many legends that crowd it, curious to know the millenary and sometimes enigmatic history of the city.

Tickets: full 18 euros; reduced 9 euros. Reservation required on the website of Neiad.

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