Back to dancing, the first reopening weekend for the discos in Rome

After twenty months of detention, the people of the night finally return to the dance floors. On 11 October, the Council of Ministers gave the green light for the reopening of cultural, sporting and recreational activities including discos and night clubs.

With two lockdowns behind them and the loss of turnover, the indications of the Technical Scientific Committee confirm that finally the managers of the discos will be able to proceed with the reopening of the premises and the organization of events. So you can go back to the nightlife, to the after, to dance and have fun, but not without precautions: the capacity of the premises will in fact be 50% indoors, 75% for open spaces.

What changes in the disco from 11 October

In addition to the capacity, it still applies the obligation of masks in a row for servicesi, including toilet and bar, but not on the dance floor, because it is equivalent to physical activities indoors, for which the mask is not provided. To access events and evenings it also remains the obligation of a Green pass, for both indoor and open spaces, the possession of which will be verified by the security staff at the entrance.

“The rules have been accepted by the entire sector, but we have been reporting our concerns to the CTS and the Government since June”, he says Antonio Flamini, president of Silb Roma, Italian association of dance and entertainment companies. Among these, the paradox of gatherings on the dance floor, where it is easier to get infected, but not in the remaining spaces. “For us the 50% reduction is penalizing, we would like it to be considered also for our activities the capacity arranged for cinemas and theaters”.

Limitations that did not, however, stop the enthusiasm of the weekend, the first in which it was possible to return to dancing: “We have not yet reopened, as reservations are already almost sold out”, say the managers of Space 900, one of the most famous nightclubs in the capital, which will open its doors on the evening of October 23 with Chris Liebing.

For the shoot, everything is focused on Halloween, one of the top events for locals. “With the capacity at 50% we are unable to cover the costs of these two years of sacrifices, so we lost approximately 200 million in turnover – explains Flamini – We would not like to have to increase the price of tickets to go back, to the detriment of customers ”.

What do the penalties for those who transgress?

Not all venues will reopen immediately. There are those who, after the losses, invested other resources and in fact opted for structural adjustments, such as Room 26, Eur nightclub that will officially reopen to the public on November 5 and 6 with David Morales as opening night.

“We will calmly open the first week of November because we are modernizing the place a little – said Gianluca D’Ettorre, manager of the Room 26 – we have set up the outside with sofas, turning it into a cocktail bar so we can have 50% inside as per norm and safeguard ourselves with 75% outside. In any case, you will enter only with the green pass, with free entrances to the ballroom and reservations for events “.

No discount for those who transgress the rules: in case of violation of the capacity and possession of the green pass in the sectors of shows, sporting events and discos, it will be the closure of the premises is applied depending on the severity of the violation.

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