there will be no suspension –

there will be no suspension –
there will be no suspension –
from Stefano Agresti

The question of Abraham’s goal (canceled to give penalty) remains hot. For the designator the right decision

Did he have to wait to whistle the penalty for Roma, observing where the ball would go after the contact between Szczesny and Mkhitaryan, or was he right to intervene and punish the Juventus goalkeeper? Orsato’s decision raised chaos, also because Veretout made a mistake from the spot: if he had scored, the episode would have entered the arbitration case but no one would have sparked controversy, protests, social campaigns. Tant ‘: the Frenchman kicked badly, the bianconeri won 1-0, the question of Abraham’s goal (canceled due to the whistle that preceded him) became incandescent.

I top referees, however, are struggling to accept this pandemonium for an episode that – in their opinion – was managed by Orsato in proper way, and which became the subject of debate only for a concatenation of particular and unfortunate events.

According to designator Rocchi, Orsato made the right decision, following the instinct that comes from talent: he saw the foul, he called the penalty. This is the philosophy that has inspired referees for generations: if there is an irregular intervention in the area, and it is observed with certainty, it is immediately sanctioned. From a certain point of view, for the referee it is almost a liberation: no one can complain about an evident penalty. This time something imponderable happened: after the whistle the ball went to Abraham who scored, while the linesman signaled a non-existent offside and after a hand touch of Mkhitaryan. a bailamme.

Attention: there is no rule according to which the advantage is not granted in the area, and from this point of view Orsato’s interview (filmed by cameras) with Cristante in the interval is surprising. In reality, the meaning of the referee’s words was meant to be different, according to him: he meant to explain what the guideline is in certain situations.

Orsato will not be stopped. He will not be on the field next weekend, but just for a normal rotation. Rocchi believes it would be devastating to punish the best referee for such a situation. There is indeed great concern at the top of The Hague, politicians and technicians, for the controversy who have invested the category in the last period. There are few high-level referees, there are no authoritative second lines, young people must grow: there is a risk of becoming It is very difficult to manage such a balanced championship, therefore full of tensions and nervousness. And killing someone like Orsato would reduce the possibilities of choice even more.

However, it was not Rome that fueled the tensions. Mourinho did not do it at the end of the game, nor the club the next day. No official protest will be filed, there will be no dossiers. But the club cannot help but notice that, in just 8 league games, there are at least three in which the Giallorossi have been, or at least felt, penalized: against Udinese for the non-existent expulsion of Pellegrini , forced to skip the derby, and then against Lazio itself and Juve. The Friedkins observe, note and remain silent. At the moment.

October 18, 2021 (change October 18, 2021 | 23:39)


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