Big Brother Vip 2021, eleventh episode – Clash Katia vs Carmen. Three women on televoting

Big Brother Vip 2021, eleventh episode – Clash Katia vs Carmen. Three women on televoting
Big Brother Vip 2021, eleventh episode – Clash Katia vs Carmen. Three women on televoting

GF Vip 2021

Eleventh episode for the Big Brother Vip 2021 and here on new appointment with the Monday liveblogging, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in the house during the evening.

GF Vip 2021: the minute-by-minute live broadcast of the eleventh episode

21.45: Short preview.

21.48: Signorini enters the studio and starts the episode. Framing the four women on televoting, the conductor greets the commentators, the eliminated competitors and the “Vippons” in the house.

21.51: The televoting VIPs are in the Mystery Room. Alfonso teases them. Sophie knows she is nominated “Because of Jo” and Soleil, the only ones who voted for it. Raffaella is softer: “I think I would have gone anyway”. Soleil laughs off: “The fault lies with Raffaella because she convinced the others to vote for me”. Miriana, on the other hand, knows that the only votes taken come from men.

21.55: Gathered the whole group in the living room, there is talk of a heated rivalry in the house, with the images of Alex, Davide and Soleil lashing out against Raffaella and Ainett. The Fico states: “Alex is a great player”. To Soleil who has labeled her as a viper, he says: “If it doesn’t create quarrel dynamics, we don’t talk about her”. He also has some for Davide: “He doesn’t even give you a good morning”. “I’m glad I’m not having intercourse. I don’t like them as people “, attacks Silvestri referring to Raffaella and Ainett. Stephens gives him a spy and Clarissa confirms: “Stay in the bathroom and listen …”. Bruganelli intervenes to “support” Alex: “You could be the revelation of this GF Vip”.

22.07: Aldo is in the Mystery Room and talks about the woman who changed his life: Olga Plachina. She sent him a gift: a video message from their daughter Olimpia. Montano then reaches the garden, where his wife is waiting for him. “I miss you so much (…) You have to go on like this because you are a champion, not only of fencing but of life”, says to him. “How beautiful you are”, comments the competitor. For him a pair of boxers with a photo of them and a heart made by his daughter. Commercial break.

Aldo and his wife Olga – GF Vip 2021

22.36: The episode continues with the new “couple” Nicola-Miriana. She admits that the cameras, the son at home watching her and the age difference block her, despite being attracted. He declares himself in love and adds: “Why hide me?”.

22.44: Miriana is called in the confessional. Alfonso is clear: “Isn’t your playing defense with Nicola related to a person you left outside the house? (…) A certain Bruno? “. “He is a friend of mine, like Gaetano. They are friends (…) I am free “, the competitor comments decisively.

22.49: In an interview, Andrea Casalino stated that between Miriana and Nicola there will never be anything because she would be crushed on him but “I braked it”. “You brake yourself”Trevisan retorts. The eliminated adds up. Sophie intervenes against the former “Vippone”: “He tried it with half a cast”.

22.56: Manila’s nomination for Raffaella in the last episode broke the balance between the two. “We weren’t cornered at that table”, says Fico, explaining that her friend could very well have voted for others, such as Soleil with whom she doesn’t have a great relationship. Commercial break.

23.09: Lulu reaches the Super Led. In recent days he confided in the painful story of the blackmail he suffered at the age of 15; a case of revenge porn. The girl explains that a lot of insecurity and a bit of immaturity come from there. He adds: “I realized it’s not my fault because I didn’t do anything wrong”. She is joined by the two sisters, who helped her (especially Jessica) to get out of the nightmare. For them there is a surprise: a love letter from their mother. Commercial break.

Lulù and Signorini – GF Vip 2021

23.32: The televoting is closed. The four competitors at risk are invited to join the Super Led. Immediately the verdict: the most voted is Soleil with 43% of the votes (against Miriana 22%, Sophie 21% and Raffaella 14%). The winner, in addition to being immune, is called to make choices: who to save among the three? The first name he makes is Miriana. Then the final decision: nominate Raffaella why “I don’t understand this evil”. La Fico does not say surprised.

23.42: Joke to Giucas: they make him believe that a large part of his villa in Cefalù is illegal and for this reason they are dismantling it. “Concept stops the works”Casella yells, begging his brother to stop the demolition. “Enough, I don’t want the coat (thermal, ndDM)”, adds a worried Giucas. Katia reassures him in a low voice: “Quiet, it’s a joke”.

23.50: Katia in Super Led. This week she talked about her loneliness and how much she will miss the chaos of the house once the program is over. Commercial break.

00.02: Alex and Aldo join Katia to accompany her on the catwalk, where her little dog Ciuffi runs to celebrate, whom the singer hugs and hugs. Bringing him is his friend and pupil Alberto.

Katia and Ciuffi – GF Vip 2021

00.11: Gianmaria and Sophie are isolated in the living room. Something seems to be born between the two, but she is hesitant because she doesn’t know whether to trust: “I do not close the door in anyone’s face (…) When there is only attraction it can last as long as a cat on the ring road”. Antinolfi wants to conquer it: “I have clear ideas and I will fight for this”. “I need a lot of security”, says Codegoni. And his girlfriend Greta, meanwhile, seems to definitively close the matter in an interview with Spend. The two “lovebirds” are then joined by Soleil, who seems to be enjoying it! Sonia stings Sophie: “It seems to me a Soleil that can’t do it”. For Adriana, on the other hand, “Soleil rosica”.

00.31: We proceed with the favorites of the week, so immune. It’s always about women: Sophie and Katia. To them is added the immune system of the commentators: Adriana and Sonia agree to save the “princesses”. They, therefore, will be immune, together with Soleil as the winner of the televoting.

00.35: Signorini reads a statement from the Farnesina on Chico Forti to Jo Squillo and all the others, which opens up hope for his transfer to Italy. The former Italian television producer and sailor, convicted in 2000 for a murder in the United States, wrote a letter addressed to Alfonso and Jo to thank them for their proximity. The conductor takes the opportunity to invite the singer to stop the hunger strike, since – he says – it is not the house of the Big Brother the right place for this noble battle.

00.41: Go to the nominations. Even this evening they only concern women, who make their choices at the table in a blatant way. Soleil appoints Ainett to return a nomination. Raffaella appoints Miriana by exclusion. The “princesses” nominate Miriana by exclusion. Carmen appoints Miriana by exclusion. Sophie names Francesca because she is convinced that no one will name her. Katia names Carmen because “We haven’t met in the last few days”. Russo stings her, claiming that the singer resented having lost at billiards and Ricciarelli blurts out: “You are a 60-year-old lady …”, accusing her of agreeing on the nominations. Sonia intervenes: “Katia is right. We have seen it all “. Carmen is not there: “I’m leaving”. And he adds to Katia: “You gossiped about them all”. “Gossip Girl”, Ricciarelli retorts. Commercial break.

00.58: The obvious nominations continue, while Carmen and Katia argue. Manila names Carmen because “I felt a departure”. Jo names Francesca why “I know she has a love outside waiting for her”. Francesca appoints Miriana because “Is the person I talk to least”. Ainett names Carmen to return a nomination. Miriana appoints Francesca because “I speak very little to them”.

1.01: Now it’s up to the men, who make the nominations in the secret of the confessional. Alex begins: nominate Ainett why “I don’t like what the group is creating”. Then Manuel: nominate Miriana because “There is no that interest”. Davide: appoints Ainett because – he says – he is on his list. Aldo: appoint Miriana because “She is not very clear with Nicola”. Giucas: appoint Miriana because “I voted for it last week and I repeat the same thing”. Then he asks to have the “Pitoffero” (he meant phosphorus!).

1.07: Latest nominations. Nicola: appoint Carmen because “we never talked”. Gianmaria: appoint Manila because “I didn’t like what happened with Raffaella”.

1.08: Carmen and Miriana go to televoting with Raffaella. Commercial break.

1.14: Signorini communicates the verdict of their nominations to the competitors. Then the televoting opens: who to save? The least voted Friday will be eliminated.

1.16: Surprise for Ainett, who sees his son Christopher in a movie and bursts into tears.

1.21: Alfonso lets Raffaella know that her Piero has sent her a hundred red roses. “And a hundred for me too. Maybe change your mind “, the conductor jokes.

1.23: The episode ends here. Good night to all.

GF Vip 2021: advances for the eleventh episode of Monday 18 October

Live on Canale 5, starting at around 9.40pm, Alfonso Signorini leads the eleventh episode of Big Brother Vip 2021. At his side, in the guise of commentators, Adriana Volpe e Sonia Bruganelli.

Love (or presumed such) at the center of the evening. If on one hand Nicola Pisu a close courtship continues a Miriana Trevisan, which for its part tries to curb the “passion” on the other Sophie codegoni has yet to dispel any doubts about Gianmaria Antinolfi, who instead did not hide in declaring that he wanted to know her better at the expense of (ex) girlfriend Greta. There will be surprises: one ad Aldo Montano, who will receive a visit from a person who is important to him; another a Katia Ricciarelli, thanks to her affection to which she is very attached.

For the purposes of the game, space for the verdict of televoting (which does not include elimination) all female between Miriana Trevisan, Raffaella Fico, Soleil Sorge and Sophie Codegoni, and the new round of nomination.

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