Precarious Assumptions, Bianchi: “I don’t want amnesties. Political forces find a synthesis” [VIDEO]

Live from the Nassirya hall of the Senate the press conference organized by Senator Francesco Verducci on the theme of precariousness and the quality of teaching. Minister Patrizio Bianchi also spoke

The press conference organized by the senator live from the Nassirya hall of the Senate Francesco Verducci on the subject of precariousness and the quality of teaching. The Minister also intervenes Patrizio Bianchi.

On April 26th there was a majority parliamentary action to reopen the schools in presence. Today they are widely open. They never closed“, Began the Minister Bianchi, who spoke at the press conference.

The theme of insecurity has accumulated over the last 8 years and school problems are not due to the pandemic. But you don’t go back to the new school with the old rules. The Minister addresses the Parliament. Find a solution“.

I do not want amnesties, I speak clearly. There are some teachers who have already gained experience, some who don’t. But we must arrive at a political synthesis. All political forces must express themselves. Nobody talked about fallback solutions. However, clear answers must be given“Said Bianchi still on the precarious.

Structured recruitment solutions are found. Every year a competition must be held at full speed. A young boy who comes out of university must know exactly what he has to do“, Added Patrizio Bianchi.

During the meeting, the general secretaries of the Flc Cgil, Cisl School and Uil School, or Francesco Sinopoli, Maddalena Gissi and Pino Turi, in which they reiterated their position, that is, for the stabilization of precarious securities, the only way to get to September in time.

Recruitment precarious for qualifications or competition, black smoke: still no solution. The trade unions: “There is no more time”



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