the case that upsets the country – Libero Quotidiano

the case that upsets the country – Libero Quotidiano
the case that upsets the country – Libero Quotidiano

“A great love was born. We love each other madly. I’ve never been so in love, it’s sweet, adorable. We spend hours hugging each other. “So last March Anne Durand de Saint-André, a guest of a retirement home on the Atlantic coast of France, told a newspaper why her temporary stay in the facility was over, but she refused to abandon her love. Anne, as Corriere della Sera reveals, thus had to leave the room she occupied. Last July, 83-year-old Anne, moved to another residence for the elderly, took her own life with a plastic bag: beside her dozens of letters for her man almost ten years younger.

This story has raised the question of love and sexuality in the elderly, especially when they are not completely autonomous and are entrusted to the care of their children. Anne Durand de Saint-André was a former artist and bookseller: “She told me she finds me wonderful. When we are not in each other’s arms, I let him discover the reading, I read him stories. He also taught me the belote (a card game, ed), sometimes we play with other guests. I’m fine, he’s proud of me “, she had told talking about her boyfriend.

In France today everyone expresses regret for Anne’s suicide. And the debate opens on how to deal with the question of the will and consent of individuals, “when these are entrusted to persons who have legal protection, they are in old age, maybe they are no longer totally lucid, but still capable of feeling worthy of respect “, concludes the Courier service.

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case upsets country Libero Quotidiano

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