“Blame for disinformation on the internet, they repented”

“Blame for disinformation on the internet, they repented”
“Blame for disinformation on the internet, they repented”

Kevin, 48, and Misty Mitchem, 46, died within two weeks of each other. The couple from Stafford County, Virginia contracted Covid last month. The family admitted that both refused to be vaccinated because of the misinformation they found on the internet. The woman was diabetic. They leave behind their five children and a newborn grandson.

Husband and wife no vax, regret not having vaccinated

In love since high school, the man and woman regretted not having received the vaccine shortly before they died. They had four children: Riley, 17; Lia, 14 years old; and twins Taylor and Aiden, 11. Kevin Mitchem also had a daughter, Angel, 22, from a previous relationship. After their parents died, the four youngest children went to live with an aunt and uncle in South Carolina.

Families destroyed

“Both of our families were destroyed,” said Mike Mitchem, Kevin’s brother. “Children are the main thing. Your eldest daughter has just had a child, and I’m sure she wanted him to get close to her grandfather, and that’s not going to happen now. ‘ According to the man, brother Kevin developed a severe cough last month and went to an emergency care facility in Stafford County. He then returned to the emergency room a few days later after his condition worsened and the test came back positive. Days later, Misty Mitchem, a diabetic, began to feel sick. She was then sent to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where she was treated for Covid.

Dead within two weeks of each other

The woman’s health deteriorated fairly quickly. Within days of her hospitalization she was unable to breathe on her own and was attached to a ventilator. Doctors also said his kidneys were only working 50 percent. The next day, her husband was admitted to the same hospital. When he was brought in for treatment, the family was told that Misty Mitchem could have been less than 24 hours old. The next day she died. Kevin Mitchem died on October 8 instead. At one point during his treatment he seemed to get better, but the coronavirus inflicted too much damage on his lungs. His brother stated that before he contracted the disease he was a healthy person with no pathology.

“Blame for disinformation on the internet”

Mike Mitchem said his brother and sister-in-law refused to get vaccinated even though the family was urging them to do so. “They were just wary. They were conditioned by what they were hearing and reading on the Internet, ”he admitted.

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Blame disinformation internet repented

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