Big Brother Vip 2021, 11th episode report cards / Lulu’s traumas, Katia vs Carmen: “You’re a gossip!”

Big Brother Vip 2021, 11th episode report cards / Lulu’s traumas, Katia vs Carmen: “You’re a gossip!”
Big Brother Vip 2021, 11th episode report cards / Lulu’s traumas, Katia vs Carmen: “You’re a gossip!”

Big Brother Vip 2021 Scoreboard 11th episode

Theeleventh episode of the Big Brother Vip 2021, an episode in the name of sweetness first with the meeting between Aldo Montano and his partner Olga Plachina then concluded with the meeting between Katia Ricciarelli it is his dog Ciuffy. But it was also the episode in which Alfonso Signorini wanted to clarify the nascent couples inside the house Nicola Pisu with Miriana Trevisan e Gianmaria Antinolfi with Sophie codegoni. The episode ended with Katia as the protagonist of the sweetness and anger then towards Carmen Russo due to a dispute over billiards. The quarrel among women sparked a protest among all the women and the pundits of the Big Brother Vip in the middle of the vote, making everything more complicated for Alfonso Signorini who tried in vain to calm the waters and reassure women.

Also Gianmaria Antinolfi he seems to have finally cleared up his mind and now he seems determined to insist on knowing Sophie codegoni, but his ex-girlfriend Greta Mastroianni he wanted to launch the latest attack on the boy by giving the magazine Chi an exclusive interview in which he talks about Gianmaria.

Without Soleil Sorge, Big Brother Vip would be more boring

The idol of the audience from home this evening turned out Soleil Rises winning the vote against her companions, obtaining immunity, Vote 8: he was able to move an otherwise boring situation, between Gianmaria and Sophie, saying his opinion with that tone of malice that distinguishes it. Gianmaria Antinolfi instead, he seems to have found a woman to whom he can devote his attention to whom he is ready to do even extreme gestures such as shaving his chest: Rating 6.5, Sophie for her part, she let herself be convinced by the boy’s words after having repeated over and over again to see Gianmaria as her ideal man: Grade 7.

The most confusing of the episode was certainly Miriana Trevisan Grade 5: first she clearly admits that she is very worried about her relationship with Nicola, then she admits that she wants a relationship, then she retraces her steps again and finally, perhaps, she decides to let go. Nicola Pisu instead he is very taken by the woman and has been firm in his positions for a long time, despite continuing to take doors in the face from Trevisan, vote 6.5 for perseverance. Jo Squillo has finally ended his hunger strike, bothering the Farnesina as well: vote 6.5. Undoubtedly the funniest moment of the whole eleventh episode was the joke a Giucas Casella vote 8: the illusionist has not yet had his memory “dandruff” and is increasingly worried about the conditions of his home, so much so that he cries out for the help of his brother Concept. A subdued episode instead for Manuel Bortuzzo, Alex Belli, Davide Silvestri e Manila Nazzaro, vote 6. Raffaella Fico vote 6: argue after an hour of live with Manila Nazzaro, then he realizes he has the wrong person and apologizes, will he already be with his head at the next elimination or does he need a bit of Dandruff like Giucas? Carmen Russo and Katia Ricciarelli Grade 8 their quarrel amazed everyone even for some words that the two women missed. The Selassié sisters they became the protagonists of a very touching moment and addressed the subject of the revenge porn of which Lulù was a victim, vote 7.



Big Brother Vip #11th episode report cards Lulus traumas Katia Carmen Youre gossip

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