OnePlus Watch review: well done, but still in beta (photos and videos)

Emanuele Cisotti

19/04/2021 ore 15:56 – Updated on 04/19/2021 at 4:08 pm

OnePlus Watch Review

After years of rumors, speculations and confirmations, the first OnePlus smartwatch finally arrives on the market, obviously called OnePlus Watch. Let’s find out in our full review.

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The packaging is not particularly dissimilar to its competitors. We have the watch with the strap already mounted and a magnetic power supply with USB connector.

Construction and fit

OnePlus Watch is undoubtedly a watch great, like few others in this category. We have a stainless steel case and a plastic protection at the bottom where the heart rate sensors are placed. The supplied strap is a bit thick, but the hook is firm. However, it is so big that I had to use the last hole with my wrist. For thinner wrists it will be really too big, probably even with another strap. The design is modern, if perhaps a little anonymous.



From the hardware point of view this OnePlus Watch (like many other smartwatches) is pretty standard. We have Bluetooth, microphone and speaker for phone calls and also GPS for positioning. There are 4 GB of memory for music. On the other hand, not only the Wi-Fi is missing (the music transfer is therefore a bit slow) and the NFC chip for payments.


The screen of this OnePlus Watch is certainly one of the strong points of this device. We have a 1.39 inches diagonal and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. The circular screen is made with technology AMOLED and this guarantees excellent visibility even outdoors. The automatic brightness adjustment performs well. Too bad only for the absence of a modality always-on that can always show the time.


OnePlus Watch, like the vast majority of watches of this type, it has a proprietary operating system. However, the operation is quite similar compared to the competition and largely recalls that of Wear OS. By dragging down we have a curtain that contains quick controls, including a very convenient one to enable night mode (which disables the switching on of the screen at the movement of the wrist and activates the do not disturb mode). By dragging upwards, we have access to the latest notifications. Unfortunately not all of them are accompanied by its icon of the application that generated it and only in a handful it is possible to reply with predefined messages (which, however, are English and at the moment it is not possible to change). Clearing notifications is also a bit cumbersome: it requires you to open them, scroll all the way down, and press up Close. Yes, as you understand at the moment the system is entirely in English. We are pretty sure that the Italian language will also be included soon. By pressing the physical button at the top we access the list of apps. This is a fairly canonical selection.

The first app is that of daily activity, while the second is that of physical activity. It will be updated to support by May over 110 sports. The watch will display all the information you would expect on your wrist as well as the ability to control music, whether it’s on your phone or in mp3 format on the watch. Too bad that almost none of these data is then included in the final report in his app. We also look forward to an update here. From the watch we can watch the latest workouts, check the heartbeat (recorded 24 hours a day) and also measure the oxygenation of the blood, recorded instead only on request. Sleep is also tracked fully automatically. The recorded measurements were surprisingly accurate. If in general the software is primal enough, the heart rate, the GPS track and the counted steps were a correct estimate. Only sleep is a little less accurate: like so many other similar clocks, staying in bed while trying to fall asleep is mistakenly recorded as sleep.

We then have the automatic calculation of the stress, the breathing exercises and the app for making calls (via smartphone): it offers you all the latest numbers called and also a selection of favorite contacts. Calls on your wrist are decent, but don’t think you can call when in a noisy environment. Then we have the weather, the alarm clock, the timer and the stopwatch, as well as a torch, barometer and digital compass.

The smartphone application (currently only Android) is called OnePlus Health and it is an extremely similar version of OPPO’s HeyTap, which surely has been used as a base. The software is very clear and also the data are shown in a very simple way, but in some cases too simplified. In physical activity sessions, the report of heart rate and cardio zones is missing. Totally unacceptable. This is also another of those areas that will surely be fixed in the future. Also from the smartphone it will be possible to choose which app to receive notifications and install new dials, among a selection of a few dozen.


The battery of this watch guarantees approximately oneautonomy of one week (or a little less). On average for products of this type, with proprietary operating system. Definitely better than Wear OS or Apple Watch products. The recharge is then very fast and with 15 minutes of charge you will be able to get over 50% of battery.


OnePlus Watch is offered at 159 €, a correct price for this product. This is a figure in line with that of competitors of equal characteristics. The smartwatch is also available on Amazon.



Final judgement

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch is an interesting product but certainly not innovative, in any respect. This is also acceptable, but the software in a near beta version is not, with too many missing features and which makes the experience if not frustrating at least disappointing. With the right updates, however, it can compete with similar products and in the same price range.

of Emanuele Cisotti

  • Display
  • Autonomy
  • Charging speed
  • Precise measurements
  • Only in English
  • Very big
  • Incomplete software
  • Little data in the app

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