Lega and the Democratic Party, now the negotiations on the Quirinale and on the date of the vote are starting – Corriere.it

Lega and the Democratic Party, now the negotiations on the Quirinale and on the date of the vote are starting – Corriere.it
Lega and the Democratic Party, now the negotiations on the Quirinale and on the date of the vote are starting – Corriere.it
from Francesco Verderami

Electoral law, Calderoli seeks Letta (on behalf of Salvini). The dem secretary only evaluates changes in parliamentary regulations

Luckily we will start talking about Quirinale only in January, as Letta says. In reality, since the negotiations for the Colle are part of a package that also includes the electoral law and the date of the vote, the secretary of the Democratic Party is already engaged in contacts with other political forces. Indeed Calderoli looked for it on Salvini’s behalf, to verify the willingness to change the Rosatellum with a proportional system that provides for a majority premium for the coalition. But in the course of the conversation, Letta concentrated above all on the modification of parliamentary regulations, to prevent the now traditional transhumance of deputies and senators from now on. And at the end of the interview, the Northern League manager explained to Salvini that in my opinion nothing will be done.

Before the administration, the dem leader had also had to reject the pressure of his party comrades, who had asked for time to think about it. Yesterday’s clear victory seems to have convinced him not to think about it anymore. Even if the problem remains of finding a bipartisan agreement on that package that still gives the parties a role, given that only the premier has the role in the government. Although, according to Renziano Rosato, if Draghi were to formalize his candidacy for the Colle, no one would have the strength to oppose. In this case, for a piece of the Democratic Party, from Zingaretti to Bettini, he would have a variable in mind: to vote for Draghi at the Quirinale and push to try to go to the elections immediately afterwards, taking in the opponents.

In fact, the polls deliver a center-right without leadership and political line at the moment, worn out by a competition for leadership between Salvini and Meloni, which instead of indicating a winner ended up with two losers. The chaos emerges from the urgency with which yesterday the FdI leader asked for a coalition summit, admitting that there are different positions among allies. This is why even members of the dem secretariat caress (and not from today) the idea of ​​taking advantage of it, exploiting the current voting system which – according to their calculations – would allow them to conquer colleges in the North, and thanks to the grillini a good part of those in the South. Conte would be tantalized by the prospect. So much so that, in the face of the requests of those in the Movement who ask for the proportional, the former premier made fish in barrels: I’d like that too, but I wouldn’t want to break up with Letta….

Yesterday, the secretary of the Democratic Party formally rejected the hypothesis of early voting, citing it. A clever move, functional in the meantime to keep parliamentary groups united, where there are those who exorcise the eventuality of the polls, warning that it would be Enrico’s Papeete. If Enrico brakes also for another reason: he wants to try to widen the field of the center-left, snatching the centrist tendency Letta (Gianni) from his opponents who show impatience towards the sovereignists. Imagining an Ursula coalition together with Berlusconi is unrealistic: the Knight would only move to the Colle. Letta (Enrico) could equally succeed in the enterprise if, with Draghi at the Quirinale, a new government was formed without the League. In any case, the centrists on the other side are asking for a proportional electoral law as a guarantee. As the leader of Coraggio Italia, Marin explains, this legislature, with its three different governments, shows that the majority does not lead to bipolarism.

So you go back to the starting point. And if the negotiation on the package does not unlock, because the variables are numerous and you have to deal with the numbers necessary to elect the head of state. Grillini like Buffagni, for example, are aware that on the match of the electoral law and of the Colle, the Movement is not only not on the field but not even on the bench. He stands in the stands. It is true that Di Maio – as revealed by an authoritative source of the M5S – confidentially meets many personalities: most recently also Cantone, Severino and Veltroni. But we who are the relative majority group – Buffagni said to a group of five stars – cannot act in remittance. We must affect the choice of the Quirinale, avoid early elections and focus on proportional to escape the deadly embrace that would lead us to be residual. And we are just in October …

October 19, 2021 (change October 19, 2021 | 07:05)


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