Latin election runoff results: Coletta confirmed mayor

Latin election results 2021: the counting of the ballot with the outgoing mayor has ended Damiano Coletta (center left) which he passed with almost 55% of the votes Vincenzo Zaccheo (center right).

Compared to the first round, the turnout is decreasing, a fact common to all the other main cities called to elect their mayor in this administrative round.

Below i official results of the ballot and the first round of administrative elections in Latina.

Latin elections 2021: the results of the ballot

These are the official results of the ballot for the Latin 2021 elections after the counting of 116 out of 116 sections. The definitive turnout was 52.71%.

^ Candidate Listing %
Damiano Coletta center left 54,90%

Vincenzo Zaccheo center right 45,10%

Vincenzo Zaccheo of the center-right was still elected councilor.

The results of the first round

In the first round the final turnout was 61.18%. here are the official results of the first round of administrative elections in Latina after the scrutiny of 116 sections out of 116.

Candidate Listing Percentage Seats
Andrea Ambrosetti Italian Communist Party (0.35%) 0,36% /
Gianluca Bono 5 Star Movement (3.28%) 3,28% 1
Antonio Bottoni We are Latina, Tricolor Flame and Legality and Safety 3,34% /
Damiano Coletta Democratic Party (11.53%), For Latina 2032 (6.18%), Latina Bene Comune (12.37%), Concerns Latina (2.78%) 35,66% 11
Giuseppe Antonio Mancino Italian Left (0.16%) 0,15% /
Annalisa Muzio Fare Latina (3.73%), European Liberal Party (0.42%) 5,11% 1
Sergio Sciaudone Social Solidarity (0.59%) 0,66% /
Vincenzo Zaccheo Lega (14.02%), Fratelli d’Italia (14.94%), Forza Italia (9.52%), UdC (2.22%), Cambiamo (1.12%), Vola Latina (1.55 %), Latina in the Heart (9.76%) 48,30% 18
Nicoletta Zuliani Nicoletta Zuliani Mayor (2.92%) 3,16% /

The electoral law

Except for regions with special status where there may be changes, the electoral law of administrative elections in Italy it is of a majority nature as regards the election of the mayor, while the distribution of the directors is proportional.

Being Latina a municipality with more than 15,000 inhabitants, having no candidate in the first round obtained an absolute majority, a ballot between the two most voted. If there is a perfect equality in the head-to-head, the eldest candidate will be elected mayor.

To ensure the formation of a solid majority and consequently a substantial governance, the lists linked to the candidate for auditor will be the winner allocated 60% of the seats. The remaining seats on the Board will then be assigned to the other lists in a proportional manner through the “D’Hondt method”.

At the division of the seats they will be elected in total 32 councilors excluding the statutory auditor, all lists and groups of lists of candidates who have passed the barrier threshold 3% of valid votes.

With regard to voting methods, separate voting is allowed in municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants, with the voter being able to cast up to two preferences while maintaining the gender equality (a man and a woman).

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