“Private and professional not clearly separated” – Corriere.it

“Private and professional not clearly separated” – Corriere.it
“Private and professional not clearly separated” – Corriere.it
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Julian Reichelt has been struggling with allegations of abuse of power for months. On Sunday, October 17, the New York Times published details about the relationship with a younger colleague

been fired Julian Reichelt, director of the German newspaper Bild, a post-WWII German media titan, removed after alleged revelations inappropriate behavior with subordinates and lies. This was announced by the publishing group Axel Springer, noting that 41-year-old Reichelt was removed with immediate effect, after that already earlier had been suspended as part of the internal investigation on managerial style. He was later (re) confirmed in the post. The group claimed to have obtained new information on Reichelt’s current conduct following media news, which revealed how it did not separate clearly the personal matters e private even afterinternal investigation he had been asked for.

Reichelt would also have lied on this point, added the company, which announced it will appoint the 37-year-old Johannes Boie as the new president of the editorial board. Sunday 17 October the
New York Times published a report with new details on the internal investigation, about the alleged Reichelt report with a young journalist (at the time he was 36, she was 25), characterized by abuse of power. If they find out I have one relationship with an intern, lose his job, Reichelt had told her in november 2016, according to the comments he had reported to the internal commission of inquiry cited by New York Times.

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