Investigation of irregular masks, Arcuri investigated for embezzlement and abuse of office

The suspects

At the center of the investigation the journalist Mario Benotti, who allegedly exploited his friendship with Arcuri to influence the purchases of masks, and the entrepreneurs Andrea Vincenzo Tommasi and Edisson Jorge San Andres Solis, while the former commissioner responds to embezzlement and abuse of office.

Arcuri heard by the prosecutors

Saturday Arcuri was heard by the magistrates, as a note from Invitalia makes known: “It was thus possible to have a comparison and clarification that had been hoped for for a long time with the judicial authority – reads the press release -, with respect to which since he origin of the investigation Dr. Arcuri has always had a collaborative attitude, in order to definitively shed light on what happened “.

The kidnapping

Meanwhile, the Gdf, at the disposal of piazzale Clodio, has seized over 800 million masks deemed “non-compliant”, most of which, the magistrates write, “do not meet the protective efficacy requirements required by the regulations” in force. From the examinations carried out by the Customs Agency and by consultants of the investigators, “even some supplies have been judged dangerous for health”. The devices have not passed the main safety tests, therefore, according to the magistrates, “it appears necessary to proceed with the evidential seizure of all surgical masks and all protective devices currently in place. Both those belonging to matches deemed unsuitable, and those belonging to unexamined lots – potentially unsuitable or dangerous – since it was not possible, on the basis of the information obtained from the Commissioner Structure, to distinguish them from those of lots examined with regular results in order to guarantee the possibility of an appraisal, obviously necessary for the proof of responsibility penalty and to ascertain suitability “.

Acontract awarded to 3 Chinese consortia for € 1.25 billion The investigations concern the credit lines, for a total value of 1.25 billion euros, made by the then extraordinary commissioner in favor of three Chinese consortia for the purchase of masks carried out with the intermediation of some Italian companies, which, of this activity, they would have received commissions amounting to tens of millions of euros from the Chinese consortia that were the assignees of the contracts.

Word “emergency” used inconsistently to justify the risk “The word ’emergency’, in the matter under investigation, was spent a lot, but also in an inconsistent way – say the magistrates -. Thus, the emergency justified payments for protective devices, the quality of which has not yet been confirmed. he knew, with the risk of buying useless ones “.


Investigation irregular masks Arcuri investigated embezzlement abuse office

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