The assault on the CGIL in Rome, the Palermo Ursino also arrested

The assault on the CGIL in Rome, the Palermo Ursino also arrested
The assault on the CGIL in Rome, the Palermo Ursino also arrested

Other arrests for the assault on 9 October last on the CGIL headquarters in Corso d’Italia, in Rome, during the No-Vax and no Green pass demonstration conducted by Forza Nuova. In the last six days, including Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, respectively Roman leader and national head of the neo-fascist movement, two new measures of custody in prison have been added.

The Digos of Palermo has arrested Massimo Ursino, the Palermo leader of Forza Nuova, involved in the attacks on the national headquarters of the CGIL in Rome, last week. Ursino was transferred to the Palermo prison of Pagliarelli, pending the interrogation of guarantee which has not yet been fixed. Ursino’s lawyer, the lawyer Enrico Sanseverino, confirms that he has received the communication of the provision and the transfer to prison for his client. The prosecutor of Rome, with the prosecutor Gianfederica Dito, requested and obtained from the investigating judge the measures for Ursino and another suspect from Arezzo. For the two the charges are of multiple resistance and aggravated devastation.

According to the investigators, there were also them at the head of that handful of 50 people who, leading a large and fierce procession of about 1500 mobsters, headed for the union headquarters. Massimo Ursino had also taken a selfie in front of the CGIL headquarters, before the raid, and had published the photo on social media: in the foreground is Giuliano Castellino, the Roman leader of the far-right movement arrested after the clashes. Under the selfie, a post that praises action. «To those who have looked for the way and never found it. In the face that I have tonight, dedicated to those who are not afraid. And to those who are in trouble, dedicated to the bad guys, who are never that bad after all ».

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