Drug South America-Guardavalle-Oceania, 20 requests for indictment

I am 20 requests for indictment presented by the prosecutor Debora Rizza, in relation to the criminal investigation and the related proceedings called Molo 13, it targets an international criminal organization that would have a central point in the Catanzaro area and in particular thein the Guardavalle area and the Gallace family who would handle cocaine imports from South America and subsequent sorting in Europe and Oceania.

The operation was conducted by the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza and coordinated by the district anti-mafia management of Catanzaro on 15 April last.

According to what was established by the gup Antonella De Simone, the preliminary hearing is scheduled next November 19th at 9.30 am. These are the names of the suspects who according to the prosecution should go to trial (in brackets the lawyers representing them in court
Agazio Andreacchio, 44 years old (Vincenzo Cicino), Giuseppe Bava, 44 years old (Vincenzo Cicino and Vincenzo Garrubba), Nicola Chiefari 48 years old (Vincenzo Cicino and Salvatore Staiano) Leonardo Ferro, 36 years old (Domenico Concolino), Emanuele Fonti, 60 years old (Matteo Cereghino, Marco Feno), Angelo Gagliardi, 26 years old, (Vincenzo Cicino), Francesco Galati, 44 years old (Vincenzo Cicino Salvatore Staiano), Bruno Gallace 49 years old (Vincenzo Cicino, Raffaella Graziani), Cosimo Damiano Gallace 60 years old (Mauro Ruga Francesco Loiacono), Nicola Guido 37 years old (Vincenzo Cicino, Beatrice Saldarini), Mario Palamara 52 years old (Beatrice Saldarini), Benito Andrea Riitano 28 years old (Vincenzo Cicino, Beatrice Saldarini), Francesco Riitano 41 years old, (Salvatore Staiano, Michele d’Agostino), Paolo Riitano 45 years, Andrea Samà 47 years old (Natale Ferraiuolo and Beatrice Saldarini), Gianluca Tassone 42 years old (Domenico Concolino), Francesco Taverniti 47 years old (Vincenzo Cicino Salvatore Staiano), Domenico Vitale 52 years old (Vincenzo Cicino, Salvatore Staiano), Domenico Vitale 45 years old (Natale Ferraiuolo, Salvatore Staiano), Giuseppe Vitale 44 years old (Vincenzo Cicino, Sergio Rotundo)

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