Rai, anonymous envelope to the Florence office: death threats to Giani and the journalists of the TGR

Rai, anonymous envelope to the Florence office: death threats to Giani and the journalists of the TGR
Rai, anonymous envelope to the Florence office: death threats to Giani and the journalists of the TGR

Florence, October 18, 2021 – An envelope containing a ticket with death threats to journalists and the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, and with ashotgun cartridge was delivered this morning to the offices of the RAI headquarters in Florence.

Either you calm down, journalists and Giani, or lead will silence you forever !! “, it is read in the threatening paper.

Investigate the Digos

Investigations underway by the digos, which intervened this morning in the Rai offices.

The condemnation of Rai

“This morning, an anonymous envelope was delivered to the RAI headquarters in Florence, containing a cartridge accompanied by a threats ticket addressed to journalists and to the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani. As soon as the contents of the envelope were discovered – informs a note from Viale Mazzini -, the company immediately contacted the Chief of Police of the Tuscan capital, Filippo Santarelli, who involved Domenico Messina in the Digos manager. Digos itself, together with the Scientific Police, carried out all the surveys at the Florence headquarters to identify possible traces and reconstruct the times and methods of sending “.” Rai, in ensuring full cooperation with the investigators – says the administrator company delegate, Carlo Fuortes – rejects and firmly condemns any attempt to intimidate its journalists and also expresses its solidarity with President Giani, reaffirming its commitment to all citizens to ensure correct information, in the spirit of the Public Service ».

The reactions

– “A serious threat which represents a disturbing qualitative leap in the climate of recent weeks against journalists and information. We ask the authorities for maximum vigilance, and to identify those responsible as soon as possible “, declared in a joint note the editorial board of the Tgr Rai Toscana, the coordination of the CdR of the Tgr Rai, the Usigrai executive, the Tuscan Press Association and the Order of Journalists of Tuscany. “The editorial staff of Tgr Rai Toscana will continue to carry out its work without being intimidated, with professionalism and attention, respecting the opinions of all but telling the facts without censorship”, concludes the joint statement.

– “This is an extremely serious and worrying fact that is part of that climate of hatred that in recent weeks has been sweeping across our country. Just think of the fascist assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL or the threatening letter sent by the last week to the secretary of the metalworkers of the Florentine CISL episodes not to be underestimated on which the utmost vigilance is required. We hope that those responsible will be brought to justice as soon as possible. Sinistra Civica Ecologista expresses solidarity and closeness to journalists and public service journalists and to President Eugenio Giani “. This was stated in a note Civic Left Ecologist Tuscany.

– “One more raving threat, but no less worrying in Tuscany. The envelope with the bullet and the threats to journalists and the President of the Region delivered to the RAI headquarters in Florence is a serious symptom of a climate of growing tension. In the last few weeks, information, institutions, trade unions have been targeted: three indispensable principals of freedom and democracy, which we are all called to defend together. The solidarity and closeness of the CISL to the journalists of the Tgr Toscana and to President Giani “. This was stated by the Secretary General Cisl Tuscany, Ciro Recce.

– “The envelope with the death threats against journalists and the President of the Region Eugenio Giani delivered to the RAI headquarters in Florence is a cowardly and unworthy gesture. We hope that those responsible will be immediately identified and punished. On the part of the Brothers of Italy, all solidarity and closeness to President Giani and to journalists, who are particularly targeted in this last period. There can be no ambiguity on the defense of institutions and freedom of information: we must not be intimidated. “This was stated by the deputy and responsible for the organization of the Brothers of Italy Giovanni Donzelli.

– I want to express the strongest condemnation of the Democratic Party of Tuscany and the hope that those responsible for these actions will be identified. The RAI professionals and President Giani are invited to go ahead with their daily work in the interest – each in the exercise of their role – of the citizens ». He states it Simona Bonafè, regional secretary of the Democratic Party of Tuscany.

– “Closeness and solidarity” to the President of the Region Eugenio Giani and to the journalists and journalists of the Rai Toscana office reached today, Monday 18 October, by “shameful anonymous threats” are expressed by the President of the Legislative Assembly, Antonio Mazzeo, also on behalf of the entire Regional Council. “I am unspeakable and intolerable gestures aimed at those who, for months, have been on the front line every day to manage an unprecedented health, economic and social emergency and who have the constitutionally protected task of guaranteeing the right to information of every citizen “, declares Mazzeo referring to the envelope with bullet delivered to the Florentine headquarters with heavy threats also addressed to the President of the Region. “It is no coincidence that the institutions and journalists are subject to the same threats, because someone thinks they can violently undermine the very strength of democracy – the president continues -. I am sure that our democratic system will be stronger than all the irresponsible behaviors we are witnessing in these days and I hope that full light will be shed on this matter as soon as possible and that those responsible are identified to respond to certain gestures in front of the law”.

– “We express closeness to the recipients of the letter, we are facing a serious and unacceptable act. We gather around two pillars of democracy, the free press and the institutions: the climate in our country is overheating, the limit is being passed, as the attacks on the world of work and the assault on our national headquarters also demonstrate. Those who threaten must not scare, all together we must work together to defend democratic achievements and combat physical and verbal violence “. This was stated by Dalida Angelini, general secretary CGIL Tuscany.

– “The letter with bullet delivered to the Rai headquarters in Tuscany is yet another disturbing episode these past few weeks. There are now too many threats against information and journalists, acts of squad violence, such as the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL, intimidation of various kinds, which affect the very symbols of our democracy “. Thus Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, group leader of the Democratic Party in the Culture Committee in the Chamber, which expresses “the utmost solidarity with the President of the Region, Giani, and with the journalists and journalists of Rai Toscana, whose professionalism, fairness and dedication I know: those who touch the institutions and information touches the very essence of a country’s democracy “.” What is happening – he adds – must trigger a alarm bell to which the democratic forces must respond compactly, distancing themselves and working together to identify the culprits and isolate those who sow tension. Too many times in the past, threats have turned to facts. It is the task of each and every one to ensure that this does not happen and whoever is guilty of these acts is brought to justice as soon as possible “.

– Violence and intimidation “will never stop the right and duty to inform and the functions of democratic institutions”, writes the undersecretary of state for relations with parliament on Twitter. Deborah Bergamini.

– The M5s group in the Regional Council, after expressing its solidarity, observes: “Evoking lead to silence information professionals or representatives of institutions is a a vile, criminal and mafia gesture. We ask the authorities to clarify this serious threat, identifying those responsible as soon as possible “.

– And on what happened the also speaks Uil, with the regional secretary Anna Nocentini: “It is a further episode of a climate of tension in which the country and Tuscany is falling. We will not be intimidated, neither now nor ever”.

– The condemnation also comes from Francesco Torselli, leader of Fdi in the Regional Council: “Anyone who threatens our institutions and workers must be prosecuted”.

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