Flumen – Climate Actions for parks and rivers in Rome

Flumen – Climate Actions for parks and rivers in Rome
Flumen – Climate Actions for parks and rivers in Rome

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Flumen is the Andreco project that enhances the concept of environmental sustainability between art and science. Artist and engineer, Andreco promotes through exhibitions, artistic performances and workshops, the redevelopment and regeneration of green areas and public space.

The initiative, in the 2021 edition, began on 10 April and will end on 7 May with a conference in Palace of Expositions.
The Flumen project is mainly developed on the Town Hall IV of Rome, with particular attention to the areas of the Aniene, the Tiber and the Parco di Veio. The idea is the winner of the EUREKA! ROMA 2020-2021-2022 Public Notice promoted by Roma Capitale. The activities are aimed at an audience of all age groups with the aim of raising awareness of the need to safeguard the river environment. A varied project, led by Andreco and carried out by the cultural association Climate Art Project, with the aim of disseminating scientific knowledge applied to the environment, with particular attention to rivers.

In the last edition, the participants had the opportunity to acquire the basic techniques for water analysis and for the protection of Rome’s rivers. In the appointment of April 17, 2021, the activity was concentrated within the Valle dell’Aniene Nature Reserve, Municipality IV. The public took care of the cleaning of the land near the Aniene river and the subsequent planting.

The project intends to bring the participants closer to the awareness of the revaluation of the spaces of their city through art and science in continuous contact with nature. The point of departure and arrival of this cultural promotion is to make citizens aware that “The river” is not only a place of social gathering but also a source of sustenance for the planet: “More and more full and thin will manifest themselves. My tribute goes to the rivers, with the will to change the future that awaits us ”, explains Andreco. Flumen will continue with other events open to all by reservation: for updates, you can consult the association’s website (www.climateartproject.com) and social channels.


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