Sicily, vaccine weekend: 70,000 doses of AstraZeneca remain in the refrigerators

In three days in Sicily, more than 25,000 doses of the AstraZeneca anticovid vaccine were administered, but 70,000 still remain in the warehouses to be disposed of. This is the balance sheet of the open weekend wanted by the Musumeci government with which the over sixty-year-olds were given the opportunity to be immunized with the Anglo-Swedish serum produced in Oxford, even without a reservation. An acceleration also due to the opening, on Friday, of the 60-65 year target, which made inoculations jump by 30-35 percent. The medical union Ugl asks for an encore: “Now Astrazeneca without reservation even to all under 60 who want to do it”.

AstraZeneca, in 3 days in Sicily 25 thousand administrations. An entrepreneur comes from Rome to get vaccinated

April 18, 2021

Since last December 27, over one million and one hundred thousand doses of all three currently authorized vaccines have been injected in Sicily. Since last Friday, more than 71,000 doses have been administered in the 66 hubs and centers of the nine provinces of the island. “I am satisfied with the massive adhesion to our initiative – commented the president of the Nello Musumeci Region – We will evaluate whether to propose it again next weekend. The citizens have overcome the initial mistrust about the vaccine and so we are all running towards the long-awaited immunization. Sicily needs to return to open “.

The white coat unions speak of a good but not exceptional result: “Despite the efforts made, which have certainly led to a growth in confidence in AstraZeneca, the result defined as brilliant by regional sources has translated into an overall administration (booked and not) of not even 25% of the available doses. We are talking about the 100,000 stocks in the warehouses since last week, which were the basis of the decision to open to the target category without any reservation. like this, another three open weekends would not be enough to dispose of over 70,000 doses of serum already in possession, when new loads could be on the way ”, comment the regional secretary of Ugl salute Carmelo Urzì and the secretary of doctors Raffaele Lanteri.

Covid, full speed ahead with Astrazeneca vaccines but on the rise in Sicily

by Giusi Spica

April 19, 2021

The trade unionists reiterate the proposal already made on Saturday to widen the audience of those entitled to those under 60: “The Anglo-Swedish vaccine is absolutely not prohibited but not recommended for this age group, as confirmed with a special circular from the Ministry of health. This means that citizens who want to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca must have the possibility to receive it and, we hope, that this can happen as early as next weekend ”.

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