Rome weather: forecast for Tuesday 20 April

Rome weather: forecast for Tuesday 20 April

Wide clear spaces during the morning hours, local rains expected in the afternoon; in the evening the weather conditions will be stable with clear or slightly cloudy skies. Temperatures between + 4 ° C and + 18 ° C.

Lazio weather: forecast for Tuesday 20 April

Good weather in the morning with sun prevailing over most of the region; in the afternoon increasing instability in inland areas with scattered rains and thunderstorms, drier along the coast. Phenomena running out between evening and night.

Weather Italy: forecasts for Tuesday 20 April

Al Nord: Day characterized by instability: in the morning clear skies or irregularly cloudy in the north-east. It gets worse in the afternoon with scattered rainfall, especially on the hills, drier in the plains. In the evening residual rain and snow over 1000-1300 meters in the Alps.

To the Center: Morning characterized by mostly clear skies over the Tyrrhenian regions, some more clouds between Marche and Abruzzo. In the afternoon precipitation was expected on the whole Apennine ridge and locally on the plains of Tuscany and Lazio. In the evening, phenomena running out on the Apennines, drier in the night.

In the South and on the Islands: In the morning some precipitation over Campania and Calabria, clear or partly cloudy elsewhere. Afternoon instability on all sectors, more localized on the major islands. In the evening we will still have rains on Molise, Puglia and Basilicata in rapid exhaustion. Minimum temperatures steady or decreasing, maximum increasing.

Forecasts by the Italian Weather Center

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