“We will suspend everyone. Lambs a liar “

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The attack launched by the Uefa president is a very harsh attack, Aleksander Ceferin, to the newborn Superlega. “Today we will give you the guidelines for our club competitions. We will change the format following our project to protect open and inclusive competitions. It is the desire to evolve competitions with the help of the ECA. Teams compete on merit and not on the will of a greedy few – he said after the meeting of the Executive Committee – All clubs must be able to cultivate the dream of participating in it. This is our idea. I cannot stress more that Uefa and the world of football are united against this horrible proposal which has been carried on by a few European clubs that are only following greed. Football and governments are united. We are all united against this meaningless project. The English, Spanish, Italian football federations, La Liga, Serie A, Fifa and our 55 federations are opposed to this plan that goes against football. Integrity, sporting merits. We will never allow that to change. The players who will participate and who will play with the teams that will play in this closed League will not be able to play either Worlds or Europeans“.

Ceferin: “Uefa is football”

We call on football fans, the media and politicians and governing bodies to join us in doing everything in our power to keep this plan from coming to fruition. The changes we will announce are European steps for the sake of football. We will introduce a new system for solidarity payments: Uefa distributes 90% of revenues by reinvesting them in football not only at the professional level, but also at the youth and women’s level. Uefa is not a question of money, the Super League is. Those are the interests of a dozen. I don’t want to call it a dirty dozen … Uefa is football and it finances football. Some people don’t understand it … Reforms preserve national football and competitions qualify for merit. We change European competitions to make them more interesting and modern, but solidarity is something eternal. For some people, the only thing that exists is money in their pockets, not solidarity or anything. The new format maintains competitiveness. I would like to thank all the football family, leagues, clubs all but 12, federations, governments and Prime Minister Johnson, Macron, Sassoli and other European leaders who respect our fans and European values. I think this idea is equivalent to spitting in the face of those who love football and we will not let them take football away from us”.

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Here are the main risks

Can Uefa have CL without the 12 Clubs? Yes of course, in Europe there are many good clubs, fans and we have already approved the changes. We will play the Champions League with or without them. What will be the impact of the sanctions? Will players from rebel clubs be able to play the European Championship? We are still evaluating the situation with the legal team and we don’t have a solution. We will apply all possible penalties, but as soon as possible we will have to suspend everyone from our competitions”.

The hard attack on Agnelli

I’ve seen so many in my life because I’ve been a lawyer. I’ve never seen people like that. Woodward called me Thursday and told me he supported reforms and just wanted to talk about the FPF. I won’t talk much about Andrea Agnelli, the biggest disappointment of all. I don’t make personal comments, but I’ve never seen a person lie like this all the time. I spoke to him on Saturday afternoon and he told me it was just rumors and not to worry. He said I’ll call you in an hour and turned off the phone. I’ve seen many, but never such a situation. Greed is so strong that it defeats even righteous human values. We are different and we will remain different. It’s always nice to find out what people are like and now everyone knows. Friday Woodward Agnelli Gazidis and Lopez signed our reform on Friday, I don’t know if I really have to say what I think of them“.


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