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Harsh attack of Aleksander Ceferin ad Andrea Agnelli. President Uefa he didn’t mince words against the Juventus number one: “It’s the biggest disappointment of all. I’ve never seen a person lie so much.” The Slovenian continued: “I talked to him on Saturday, he told me it was just rumors, then he said he would call me back and instead he turned off the phone. The greed is so strong, but we are different. They had all signed ours. reform so I don’t know if I really have to say what I think of them “.

Rags fly and the friendship between Ceferin and Agnelli seems to have no future. A relationship that goes beyond work as Uefa’s number one is even godfather of Andrea’s daughter. This is why the Slovenian’s attack makes even more noise: “With Agnelli there is something personal because I have known him for too long but I don’t expect them to get back on their knees … It’s not a personal battle, I’m surprised but if you want to come back, welcome in this fantastic project “.

Ceferin does not stop: “When the solution was found, this phantom idea came out and then they say that now they start negotiating? I read that Agnelli said that this was a fantastic project, from which he escaped …”.

Ceferin is a river in full flow and he has something for everyone: “I’ve seen so many but I’ve never seen people like that. For example, Manchester United’s Ed Woodward called me on Thursday to tell me he was very satisfied with these reforms, and obviously had already signed up for the Super League. “.

Positive words, however, for the big in France and Germany: “I have met many strange and lying people but also many that I trust. French and German clubs who have resisted the temptation to participate in the super league, I have many friends, they are not all corrupt but only a small part blinded by greed” .


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