Foods to avoid when shopping: pay attention to where they come from

What are the most dangerous foods for your health not to buy at the supermarket? Coldiretti points out a few: pay attention to the origin.


Coldiretti, the Association representing Italian agriculture, raises the alarm on some foods considered harmful to health. Which would then be the more dangerous foods and to watch out for? It is revealed to us by a black list that emphasizes the origin of these products, often ignored during regular purchases at the supermarket.

Foods to avoid when shopping: pay attention to where they come from

Based on the latest reports fromEuropean Food Safety Agency, Coldiretti has drawn up a black list of the most contaminated foods and therefore harmful to humans. Among the products mentioned are those with a higher prevalence of toxic chemicals and pesticides inside them. And also foods that contain illegal and illegally imported substances. The association represented by the Italian agriculture, not only wants to emphasize a more aware and informed shopping, but above all on the origin of these foods.

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In fact, in non-European locations, substances that are prohibited in Europe are often used, such as pesticides, preservatives and much more. Controls do not always detect traces of these elements that are dangerous for human health. So let’s see the ranking of the most toxic foods and their countries of origin.

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The ranking of the most dangerous foods and their importing countries

L’food import and regular food quality checks are often a real problem. High costs, chemicals used to help preserve food along the way, illegally imported food. These are just some of the import issues. That is why we recommend that you consume food at km 0, or at least in your country of residence, without pesticides or toxic chemicals, for a healthy diet. We see Coldiretti’s ranking that makes you think about the ways in which we should shop regularly. Here are the most dangerous foods on the market.

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  1. Chillies from the Dominican Republic (high dose pesticides)
  2. Chinese Goji Berries (large amounts of pesticides)
  3. Pakistan rice (harmful chemicals)
  4. Turkey pomegranates (large percentage of pesticides)
  5. Chinese tea
  6. Indian okra
  7. Dragon Fruit dell’Indonesia
  8. Brazilian dried beans
  9. Sweet chillies from Egypt
  10. Egyptian table olives
  11. Chicken from the Netherlands and Poland
  12. Indonesian nutmeg
  13. Turkish dried apricots
  14. Indian sesame seeds
  15. Pistachios from Turkey
  16. Strawberries of Egypt
  17. Chinese peanuts
  18. Hazelnuts from Turkey
  19. Dried figs and Turkish peppers
  20. American food supplements
  21. Pangasius from Vietnam (the food with the most heavy metals ever)
  22. Fish imported from Spain (contains mercury and cadmium).

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Foods avoid shopping pay attention

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