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Big Brother Vip

Who joined Jo’s strike and turned it, without even realizing it, into a farce

Published on October 18, 2021

In itself it sounds a rather jarring one hunger strike al Big Brother Vip for the story of Chico Forti. Not because this story does not deserve attention, but rather because the context of the most spied on house in Italy does not seem to be appropriate to address this issue. One minute we talk about who does not clean their ears and a minute later Jo Squillo it jumps out of nowhere, throwing a complex story from all points of view (judicial, political and diplomatic) to the audience of the reality show.

Beyond this, the Milanese activist and singer, in addition to treating Alfonso Signorini in a surreal way as a sort of foreign minister (“Keep us informed, it’s important”), has decided to show how much he cares about the cause and how much the desire to marry. So, on Friday evening, he announced that he was going to go on a hunger strike. No sooner said than done! Not only that: Jo has made proselytes, since Raffaella Fico e Sophie codegoni they said they would join her. And this is where the farce.

Undoubtedly Jo Squillo is fierce, serious and determined, although, as mentioned above, perhaps such battles should probably be fought in other places. Sophie and Fico, on the other hand, immediately turned the strike into a farce, not even realizing it. “Yes, let’s do it, so if we go out on Monday evening we are also thinner “, they said.

First point: naturally a hunger strike is done because you believe in what you are protesting and not to lose weight (who knows if Raffaella and Codegoni at least know the story of Forti). Second point: even if it were to pass for a joke, that of weight loss, on the subject of Chico Forti there is really no joke. But the farce didn’t end there. The best is yet to come.

The ex of Balotelli and the ex tronista, after having fasted for hours, they realized they were hungry. How strange! Will they have tried to resist in the name of a virtuous ideal? I need no idea. They had another problem: how to feed without Jo Squillo realizing it. Ready solution: take refuge in the warehouse e eat in secret. Over here? Absolutely not.

Some viewers, via social media, have reported that it was an author of the GF VIP.Raffaella and Sophie who have to eat in secret because they had promised Jo Squillo to go on a hunger strike with her but the authors have forbidden it and are afraid that she will go crazy “, one user told.

Last but not least: while the cheerful group formed by the other tenants of the most spied house in Italy in the garden cooked a succulent barbecue, Jo showed her broad shoulders: “Brothers, you eat meat, we feed on spirituality and water instead. I embrace the sisters, Raffa and the legendary Sophie, who accompany me in my struggle “. Who knows how the activist will react when he learns that his fellow fighters have satiated secretly. The farce continues!

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