The great discharge (not in Italy), Draghi’s maneuver and the search for perfect flexibility

The great discharge (not in Italy), Draghi’s maneuver and the search for perfect flexibility
The great discharge (not in Italy), Draghi’s maneuver and the search for perfect flexibility

In the United States they already call it “Big Quit” or “Great Resignation”: the great discharge. In fact, more and more people are quitting their jobs. The phenomenon has been going on for months. But in August the record was reached: 4.3 million workers were laid off, or 2.9% of the workforce. Especially in hotels, restaurants and shops.

What happens? In the ads on Indeed, more and more companies are trying in vain to attract candidates with bonuses and incentives. But they struggle to fill vacancies. And the reasons are different: from the fear of catching the virus to wages deemed too low, without forgetting that many can still count on government subsidies.

You only live once But the reasons for the “great resignation” also have to do with a new awareness that emerged from the pandemic, which has in fact changed the relationship with one’s work. After the excessive loads of the last few months, the remote work that has invaded the lives of many and the burnout widespread, it is as if many have reached a breaking point. We are talking about Yolo Economy, where Yolo stands for You only live once, you only live once. Now more than ever we are looking for a meaning in what we do and above all a better quality of life. It is no coincidence that the resignations have concentrated in the sectors that have increased the pace during the pandemic, with digital in mind.

Workers Lives Matter Even in China, the pace of work has been questioned. And four recent graduates have now launched the “Worker Lives Matter” campaign on the platform for computer scientists GitHub. Supreme Court among other things declared illegitimate. And many responded to the survey, revealing the alienating rhythms of the Big Chinese of technology.

Gen Z According to a Microsoft survey of 30,000 workers, 41% are considering resigning. And the numbers go up between the ages of 18 and 25, where the percentage grows to 54%. And another study also says that companies that did not care enough for their employees during the lockdown are likely to suffer a staff exodus.

And in Italy? From us to be leave it is certainly much more difficult than in countries with dynamic labor markets such as the US. The latest figures on resignations in 2020 say they have plummeted. Of course, last year we were in full pandemic.

  • Properties But beyond the single symbolic stories that are told, our market is not very mobile. And losing or renouncing the contract is more scary than elsewhere, especially in the midst of a crisis, given the “black hole” – as Tiziano Treu called it – of active labor policies and employment centers. Yet, especially in a time of economic transition like the one we are experiencing, changing jobs should be natural. In Italy it is not, at all.


Today the government should send the Draft Budgetary Document to the European Commission, with the grids of the measures that will end up in the economic maneuver. And then the budget law should be passed this week, but everything points to a shift. Draghi will be engaged in the European Council and will report to Parliament on Wednesday ahead of the summit.

  • Numbers There is talk of a dowry of around 25 billion. And two key objectives: social protection and GDP growth. The margins are narrow, but it will be hard to stop the classic «assault on diligence», writes Carlo Cottarelli.
  • Knots But Draghi will have to mediate between the parties of the majority, each ready to put their own flag on the individual measures. The thorny issues are: citizenship income, quota 100, tax wedge and social safety nets. It is assumed that the government wants to allocate 8-9 billion to reduce the tax wedge. While everything is still to be decided on pensions, but among other things there is talk of an expansion of the expansion contract to smaller companies to encourage the hiring of young people.

Clash announced On the other hand, the first clashes – especially between Lega and Cinque Stelle – were seen with the approval of the tax-work decree connected to the maneuver, which among other things refinanced the citizenship income with another 200 million until the end of the year. .

  • New Rdc Draghi defended the subsidy, but in the meantime prepares changes to the requirements for it, as explained by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando. To have it also in 2022, another 800 million is needed.
  • The other measures The omnibus decree also includes the refinancing of the Covid layoffs for another 13 weeks and the Alitalia employee fund for another 12 months, the new sanctions to promote safety in the workplace, the extension of tax bills and the eco-bonus.

The budget I would like According to the Confindustria research center, at the end of the year there will be a growth in GDP of + 6.1%, followed by + 4.1% in 2022. And Bonomi hopes for a maneuver with fewer emergency resources, with the cut of the tax wedge and corporate income tax and more resources for the environmental transition.

Will he score? After the first postponement, the State-Regions Conference has given the green light to the distribution of the 880 million euros arriving as the first tranche of financing of the guarantee of employability of workers, ie the reform program of active labor policies.

Equal payslips The Chamber unanimously approved the bill on equal pay between men and women (which is now being passed to the Senate). Among the novelties of the six articles, there is that of the certification of gender equality: the companies that obtain this certificate have tax reliefs of up to 50 thousand euros.

Test Monday After the debut of the obligation of the Green Pass to work without the blocks and violent protests that were feared on the eve, the first week of testing begins with the new rules. At the port of Trieste, which has become the last trench of the anti Pass, the police cleared the demonstrators, who announce a strike until Thursday. While there is a sharp increase in tampons to obtain the certificate and sick leave is also growing.

  • Changes And today the deadline for presenting the amendments to the decree in the Senate expires, with the League and the Five Stars that could converge on some points. Among the proposals of the grillini, there would be, for example, that of making workers who carry out outdoor activities or solitary activities exempt from the obligation. The Northern League try to change the rule on the suspension of salary.

Deadline October 31st And after the demonstration in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome organized by the CGIL in response to the attacks of Saturday 9 October, the secretary Maurizio Landini proposes to introduce the vaccination obligation and, in view of 31 October, asks to extend the stop to the layoffs until end of the year.

Historical ruling The 44 riders who filed a civil action in the illegal hiring procedure that involved Uber Eats Italy and some intermediary companies will each receive 10 thousand euros in compensation. The decision was taken by the Milan court, together with the first convictions arrived for three defendants who had chosen the shortened procedure. One of the owners of the intermediary companies was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months on charges of illegal hiring, while the other two defendants were sentenced for tax offenses. Compensation of 20 thousand euros has also been arranged for the CGIL.

Gray area According to Istat, the “unobserved” economy in Italy is worth 203 billion, equal to 11.3% of GDP. Over 3.5 million illegal workers. But the data refer to 2019, before the pandemic.

SUSTAINABLE WORK «We build, day after day, a competent, productive, ethical and innovative world of work ». IG Samsic HR’s Csr “Road to 2030” project fully responds to the agency’s vision. Stefano Magliole, marketing manager, explains that the goal is precisely to promote the knowledge of companies in the management of human resources to give everyone the opportunity to enter and remain in the market.

Take off with reserve The new Alitalia took off under the name Ita Airways. Ita bought the brand for 90 million but will not use it. Same planes, same livery, same uniforms, but the new company much smaller than the old company: 2,800 employees and 52 planes. President Altavilla said that within the next year a partner will have to be found, not just a commercial one. And that the plan provides for the achievement of the operational breakeven in mid-2023. In 2022, with the new blue Airbuses, a thousand hires should arrive, while the unions continue the pickets in Fiumicino.

  • Economist Andrea Giuricin says, however, that the partnership with Lufthansa will be a more difficult operation than expected.

Extra time The debate on the collective dismissal for the 322 workers of Whirlpool in Naples ended without agreement. So, in theory, the letters could already start. On 22 October the judge will rule on the accusation of anti-union behavior raised by the workers. While the only way out remains to accelerate the constitution of the consortium for sustainable mobility that should be born on the site. The plan is expected to be submitted by mid-December.

  • Meanwhile, on Tuesday 19 the unions meet Orlando (Lavoro) and Giorgetti (Mise).

In search of flexibility As experiments multiply around the world, Bloomberg talked about why the short week test in Iceland worked on 2,500 workers. Among other things, time management training courses have been organized to reduce working hours while keeping productivity high. And even between the meetings was cleaned up, reducing them only to the necessary ones.

The third dimension The New York Times talks about the new SaksWorks space on Fifth Avenue: in partnership with WeWork, a place halfway between co-working and department stores was created. There are places dedicated to business meetings and presentations, but coworkers can also take advantage of the hairdresser and beauty centers present in the structure or make an appointment with friends at the internal bar.


  • The Women’s Forum G20 Italy starts from 18 October;
  • On October 19, Minister Lamorgese reported on the No Green Pass demonstrations in Rome on October 9;
  • On 20 October Draghi reports to Parliament ahead of the European Council on 21 and 22 October. The data on inflation in the EU arrive;
  • On 22 October S&P reviews Italy’s rating;
  • This will also be a week of important quarterly, from Netflix to Tesla.

Have a good week,

Lidia Baratta

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